View Full Version : Devs: With Level Cap being raised, please don't forget to do these things

07-25-2013, 04:06 AM
The level cap is going up again, so there's a few things that need to be done that are directly affected by the increased level cap. I know these things will not be done before Shadowfell is released, but they should be done by the time Update 20 hits.

1) The Cove should be returning around Sept 19. With the increased level cap, that means that new mobs and new items should to be added. These new mobs should also work with the Monster Manual if they are one of the monsters in the Monster Manual. (Also don't forget to fix the mobs that aren't popping up in the Monster Manual, since its return would marker more than a year for that bug to be fixed.) Upgrades to existing items pass level 20 would be greatly appreciated, but new items would also be nice. Hint, there's still no Docent in the Cove and also since the Orb is a new type of item, it might be a nice addition to the Cove.

2) Mabar should be returning for Halloween, so why not start doing a similar thing as #1 but earlier? New Mobs, new items or upgrades, etc.

3) Finally fix and upgrade the House C Challenges! All the Epic Challenges should go to level 30, so players are able to get a decent amount of ingredients if they decide to level past the current cap. The epic ingredients should be tradeable for heroic ingredients or able to by lower level items directly. It might also be a good time to include new items or at least higher level upgrades of existing items. These problems really should have been fixed when MOTU (aka the last level cap increase) came out, but it's been ignored, even though it's the MOST expensive single pack in the game.

4) Fix and possibly upgrade the Eveningstar Challenges. Most of the fixes to the Eveningstar Challenges has little to do with the cap increase, but you might as well fix everything at once. First, you might as well add level 28 gear. For weapons, my suggestion would be to add a new tier that solely grants a random Epic Bane (since it's still missing from the game and it might redeem some of the trash random pulls from the lottery system). Second, this would be a great time to just scrap and redo the Armor since the Eveningstar Challenge armor is not only worse than randomly generated armor, but horribly worse. Finally, make the BTC ingredients BTA as they should have been from the get-go.

I'm sure I'm missing some other things, but these seem like the most obvious things that need to be addressed because of the level cap being raised. And since they were mostly ignored for the last year, I figured the Devs needed to be reminded about it again.