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07-24-2013, 06:51 PM
Hi folks,

I am trying to settle in on a final gearset for my Shintao monk and the following is what I have/am shooting for:

Head: White Dragon Helm (Con +8/Ins +3), +35HP / Exp +1 Con or If I feel like wasting the Jewelers tools Vitality +20--Or I can Dream of Imperial Blood / Cove Superior False Life / Heal+15, Minos
Neck: Jorgundol's Collar (when in Earth Stance) (Deathblock / Empty) or Shintao/Oremi's (Wind for Enhanced Ki)
Cloak: Smoke 2 45 HP GS (Have a L20 Cloak of Night I don't generally use)
Belt: Belt of the Sun Soul
Bracers: Bracers of the Sun Soul / Windlashers / 20% Hamp & Superior Parrying lootgen
Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow / ToD / Madstones
Ring 1 (swap): EH Ring of the Djinn / Oremi's with Acid Burst
Ring 2: Band of Sibery's with Holy Burst **No Kysho's for me yet but that will become my eventual Holy Burst ring, 47 runs in
Gloves: L20 Brawlers Gloves w/Fear Immunity slotted / PDK Gloves
Goggles: EH Intricate Field Optics Wis +8, +12 PRR slotted, (Exp Wis+1**) / Drow Smoke / Druid Woodsman (for the Seeker) / Clickies
Armor: White Dragon Robe (Resistant +7 Slotted) / Spider Silks (Wis+8, Villiager set added)
Trinket (swap spot): Planar Focus Subterfuge Ins Wis +3/ PLIS

** items are things I am working to get

Ok depending on content is which I run with as far as gear goes. Often in Wind stance I run around in the Spider Silks/Minos/Oremi's/Oremi's Necklace set. When life gets brutal I go for White Robe/Cove hat/Jorgundals/Djinn.

I've noticed and bug reported that ToD Rings with bursts on them no longer grant their Exceptional stat bonuses but not sure if that's going to be temporary or not.

I think once I get my White Dragon helm I will swap the belt out for either the Arkat's Cord or Brawn Spirits but I am undecided as of yet.

Any other suggestions worth while or anything I am missing?


07-24-2013, 11:07 PM
My setup for my wisdom dark monk.

Armor - Flawless Black Robe - Heavy Fort
Goggles - Intricate goggles - +3 wis
Helm - Helm of the Black Dragon - +3 con - 14 prr
Neck - Jorgunal's Collar - Archmagi - Globe
Cloak - Greensteel HP - Smoke
Wrist - Conv of Superior Parrying
Belt - Spare Hand - False Life - Toughness
Boots - Treads of Falling Shadow
Gloves - PDK gloves
Ring #1 - Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy - +7 resistance - +7 con
Ring #2 - ring of the stalker
Trinket - Planar focus of Prowess - +3 str