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07-24-2013, 05:36 AM
Well, Devs, I think you need to do big changes in the racial trees. I think that not general class trees and “the points spent in the tree” mechanic are creating a flawed system. But devs, if you don’t want change the base the system, al least you need to change the way on the racial trees is managed.

Racial trees are not as important as class trees. They are a help in a build, but the core of the build are the class enhancements. You can’t use the points spent in the tree mechanic with the racial trees. This kills the racial trees. If one enhancement is too powerful, then put a points overall spent requisite or arrowed it. Level should be the only requisite that racial enhancements need.

If you want to do big trees (as now), too is needed that the racial enhancements count for one class tree. This is much needed. Racial enhancements are not powerful themselves for substitute to class enhancements. They are a help, a support or a little way of versatility.

Repeat, I think you need to change the base of the new system. You have here wonderful ideas and some pretty good new enhancements. But your base design is flawed. But if you stick with this base, please, racial trees are not the same than class trees!

I had problem with a half-elf monk with the dilly (crazy expensive!!!), I had problem with an elf cleric (graze too expensive and I obtain it very late) and an elf wizard (elven Arcanum need useless prerequisites enhancement? Uh? Nothing for a wizard except the Arcanum, and you put requisites?) I had the problem with a shadar kai assassin (not enough points for racial enhancements and too many junky enhancements before the ones I want) I had the problem with a warforged artificer. And so- I have the problem with all races!

Please, turbine. This base design doesn’t work. Don’t work very well for class trees (the massive spread of general class enhancements in prestige trees is crazy) but don’t work at all in racial trees. At least racial trees should be managed different. Many races that you sell in the store (inclusive the new iconics) have an important appeal for their racial enhancements. If you kill racial trees, you will sell less in the store. This is not wise!

If you don’t change the base idea of this EP (that is flawed, although it has wonderful new ideas), then consider:

1 – Get rid the points spent in the tree for the racial trees. Remember, racial trees are a support, not the core. Put level requisite (more sense for racial) and if needed (and only when is needed!), arrowed enhancements
2 – Racial trees can contribute to the “points spent in the tree”of a class tree. Ideally, they should contribute to archetypical class trees, but with the current system perphaps this will be a problem.

And changing or not the base of the EP, you need add variety to racial trees. Racial trees should support all of archetypes of the race. For example, you are relegating the elves to archers with a minor support to swordplay. But elven archer is more a thing of the lord of rings. In D&D, elves are arcanes first, and after archers, druids, finesse swordsmen and rangers. So, why do not you support all the archetypes of the race? With a tree, this is easy! Create groups of enhancements for each archetype (archer, finesse swordman, wizard, druid), and a lot of more players will be happy!

Elves are only an example. This is applicable for all races. Groups of independent enhancements for melee and for spellcaster warforged, for example, can eliminate the problems that now have the race. So, you can bolster the races strenghts, the racial archetypes and extend the usefulness of the races (variety is good!) without destroying their background.

Devs, please, the racial trees now are a mess. You can convert the racial trees in wonderful tools for to increase the usefulness of the races and strengthen its various archetypes! But now, my feeling is that to spend in the racial tree is suicidal. This convert to races as half-elf or shadar-kai in subpar races (better human then than this races…)

Well, my two cents. I hope this helps.