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07-22-2013, 01:28 PM
I've been working on my crafting skills sporadically (whenever I hoard up essences) for about a year and half now and I have 124/114/117 (arcane/divine/elemental). This was on one of my first builds...a level 7 drow paladin that was so incredibly gimp I quickly stopped using him for quests. So, I just found out yesterday that Artificers get a bonus crafting level every 2 character levels and the dragonmarks of crafting combined give 10 bonus levels to crafting but are human only (!#@#@#@##@). wow.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm thinking either using my free lesser TR to respec and earn 13 levels of Artificer for +6 crafting levels, spend some real cash for a +5 lesser TR and do 2 pally / 18 Arty, or maybe even to get to level 20 and true TR into a human Arty for 20 bonus levels once I (painfully) get up to level 20 again.

I would also appreciate any advice on Artificers given my situation above (how gimp would the arty be starting with 7 paladin levels and is there even a way to make it work?)...I've never played an Arty before but they do seem powerful.

I'm getting to the point in crafting that I can make some pretty awesome stuff for TRing and more stuff is coming up with a handful of levels (just got flex GL+2, coming up is flex melee alacrity, flex 33% absorptions, etc etc). If I could get 20 bonus crafting levels I'll be to 150 and the promised land fairly quickly....