View Full Version : Ninja with 2 celestias: 12monk with 8 ftr or 8 ranger ?

07-21-2013, 06:51 AM
Hi, I want to TR my bard into someone who will weild two celestias.

I thought about monk, because of saves, evasion, stuns and trics, as well as increased damage from ED twist.

A question: would this be better with addition of 8 fighter levels and extra feats (including specialisation) and kensai, or with ranger and free TWF/manyshot with tempest added?

Thanks for all suggestions.

07-21-2013, 08:30 PM
The enhance pass isn't far away so any build suggestions you get at the moment may be obsolete very soon, anyway with the pass in mind here is what I see as some viable splits:

1. Pure Ninja, Dex based post enhance pass.
2. As you mentioned some sort of Tempest Ninja. Say 12ranger/6monk/2something - paladin for saves, fighter for feats etc. Possibility of a pure dex based halfling with Dragonmarks to really bump self healing.
3. 13fvs/6mnk/1 fighter - Full self healing, light damage and bladebarrier.
4. 8fvs/6ranger/6mnk the options are really endless....