View Full Version : Tempest Monk

07-12-2013, 02:28 AM
So does the tempest enhancement really do nothing for a monk using wraps? That's pretty much the only question I have.

Also if it doesn't do anything at all, who do people do the 6 ranger option for monks


07-12-2013, 02:37 AM
Nope, not that I know of. Requires weapons... Maybe there's a lot of shortsword monks (ew) or WSS (ew)?

Although, perhaps they're not monks... Maybe they're monkchers - an entirely different game. Ranger gives them a bunch of feats... Namely, manyshot, TWF, ITWF, bow str, diehard (hey, that's helped me. Once.) and precise shot. Not too shabby for a /6 splash.

My current monkcher is 12/6/2 monk/ranger/[secret]. He's happy to melee, just as well as my first monk (Well. Slightly worse. He doesn't play in GMoF, so less stun DC), but took ranger for all the free feats.