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07-10-2013, 02:56 AM
Anyone well versed in Lamannia / new enhancements, could you recommend how to wrap up my Human Bard 15 / Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1?

Original plan was just (I think) using a newbie build from Tihocan's Revisiting Paths for New Players, 18/1/1 ready for warchanter III. Newer plan was 16/2/2 going for Inspire Excellence and Overwhelming Crit.

Right now I am a warchanter with Cleaves, Extend, Empower Healing, swinging a Shining Devastation.

If I went for 18 levels of Bard, I could get Victory Song (full BAB on Inspire courage and Vorpal for 20s) and/or Virtuoso (regen songs+extra songs/duration).

If I went for 4 levels of Fighter (15/4/1) I could fit in the whole THF chain. And potentially some of the new kensai goodies (if any). I'd lose 6th level bard spells though (OID, CMWMass).

I could also invest in barbarian a bit more. Even three levels of barbarian seem tasty (16/3/1). I am not sure if any of the benefits require rage though. I probably won't be raging much.
* FB tree: Core: Die Hard and +10 HP; Supreme Cleave; +1 Con; sprint boost if I don't snag it from bard
* OcS tree: Core: +1 saves; Uncanny Dodger, +1 Con; perhaps other stuff
* Ravager: Core: bleh; Haggle, +1 Con, Slaughter, perhaps Aura of Fear, other stuff

07-11-2013, 03:28 AM
Hi Cru121.

I am NOT up with the know so really cant give u any definitive feedback.

I am looking at the possibility of Bard 16 (ss), Rog3, Arti 1 - dex based quart staff.

or possibly bard 18 (ss), atri 1, barb 1.

I really should do some thinking bout it more.
I do not feel WC is worth looking at (for me at least).

GL and "Go the BARDS!!";)

07-11-2013, 04:30 AM
I do have a Bard 16 / Rog 3 / Fighter 1 on a different server, and I was also considering Qstaves for her.