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07-08-2013, 04:51 PM
I've noticed that, for some reason, heighten doesn't seem to affect my earthquake at all. There is no increased cost, and I don't know if my DC is going up or not (since it's not displayed). I've tried right-click setting the heighten meta to be always on, I've tried leaving it standard and clicking heighten from my hotbar, and gotten nowhere. I realize it would only be a +1 bump to the DC since it's a level 8 spell -> level 9 but that +1 DC could be the one that knocks those stupid archers down. Anyone care to fill me in on why it might not be working? Speculation? Solid facts I should have known and will feel like an idiot when you point it out? All welcomed.

Another thing I was wondering about was if caster level had any effect on the DC of my earthquake, or just the damage. While I am in water elemental form, I'm casting earthquake @ level 14 (only 17 levels or druid, and not in PA destiny). I don't care about the damage from the spell at all; I use it as crowd control. If there is no negative effect to the decreased caster level with regard to my DC, I'll continue to romp around in water ele form. If it does change the DC then I'll have to keep out of form.

I appreciate any input!

07-08-2013, 08:50 PM
Heighten does not affect EQ. Heighten really does not affect many spells for my druids. I no longer bother with the heighten feat. Spell focus evo, and GSF Evocation help most spells you are going to cast. Think about getting some past lives in the other caster classes to help with your DC's of everything else(also spell pen for FoD). I never will splash anything else into my druids. I am addicted to those spells doing what they are supposed to do.

Rangers, rogues, monks have evasion. Or high reflex saves. Or both. They are the bane of many a druid. Use your water ele form with Mantle of the Icy Soul and Ice Storm to knock down their movement speed and reflex saves. After a little working over with those, they fall down just fine.

Persistent AoE's are what druids are best at. We are not the showy nukers like sorcs, the enchanters like wizards, or the healers like divines. But we ROCK at persistent AoE's. And you stack those AoE's up, and watch the pretty numbers fill your screen. And the melee adore us! No more chasing mobs being kited! They are all sitting in one happy pile for their cleaving pleasure. This makes the healing folks much happier. Mobs sitting down cause less damage. Melee all grouped together = easier healing. Druids can be a party's best friend.

07-08-2013, 10:50 PM
I forget the spell names, but at level 1 and 3 spell levels you have an AOE to debuff both move speed and monsters saves (one even lowers their attack speed). Try dropping one or both of those on top of the earthquake.

07-09-2013, 12:10 AM
Figured out the SP thing for my heightened earthquake: forgot about my green dragon robe :o

I've taken SF:evo and GFS:evo + wiz past life. Not sure I'll be doing 3 sorc lives. I'm headed towards draconic and magister for the bumps to evo dc. I may stay in primal as my main destiny, though I do have shiradi capped as well. All those procs with earthquake and ice storm are pretty. I even use sunburst when in shiradi for the AOE.

07-14-2013, 10:23 AM
Odd, mine seems to be affecting the cost at least.

Heighten Off:

Heighten On: