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07-08-2013, 06:50 AM
So, looking at the current wizard trees, they are good but could be better. The big thing that stands out is that there is no way for an Archmage to gain a second line of spell-school SLAs as per on live – this is a big change for wizards, and not a particularly good one.
The ideal thing to do would be to stick the line in there. However, the tree is already cramped (based on what I see on the wiki). Thus, I suggest a third wizard tree be made, one that will focus on ‘unstructured’ spell casting, something like “Wild Mage”.
This tree would essentially contain the filling that makes a wizard do good damage – So AM is DC based, PM is necro based, and WM is damage based. Things like elemental crit and damage (perhaps put that back in somewhat?), as well as wand/scroll mastery (it’s not going away guys, just accept it) can go in here. In return, Archmage is less cluttered and gains the second SLA line.

To go with this, I’ve been toying with another suggestion that might be fun, involving the AM auto grants (just throwing the idea out here). After essentially giving the per-point-spent-in-tree benefit to the Wild mage tree, the AM auto grants gain the additional effect of increasing the DCs of the specific school. Something like:
-For each core enhancement in this tree, each time you cast a spell of <spell school>, the DC to resist it is increased by 1 / 1 to 2 / 1 to 3 / 1 to 4 / 1 to 5, making them harder to resist. This would add the number (determined randomly of course) to the DC to resist that specific casting of the spell. Wizards are supposed to be masters of magic are they not? Couse, this might be a bit OP and/or require rebalancing of the rest of the trees, but just thought I would throw the idea out there.

07-08-2013, 04:04 PM
Problem is AM isn't particularly DC-based in this iteration of the enhancement pass. With similar investment in feats, PM is superior to AM in every school. Right now, AM enhancements are a half-assed mix of DCs and DPS. It would be awesome if they figured out what they intended wizards to be and just stuck with it.