View Full Version : New Enhancement - Seasoned - thoughts?

07-04-2013, 04:43 PM
Curiousity got the better of me so I rolled a toon on the test server to check out the new Druid enhancements.

Curious as to other people's thoughts on the caster side with Seasoned being the very first power.

From what I can tell if you want to train that tree - you MUST take this enhancement - which imo sucks.

What it does is for 5 minutes it buffs one side of elemental damage and then for 5 minutes the "other side".

I hate it when developers dictate to me and limit my freedom on how I wish to play a certain class.

Now I can't be a hybred - I have to decide between melee or casting.

And if I go caster - I have to further suffer from having to worry about which season I'm in on raids?

I'm sure my group or raid is going to care or want to wait for 5 minutes while "my season resistant spells" power down for the next encounter....

Grrrr... I am the only one not happy about these proposed changes?

How does it make the class more fun to play?

Do you think Druid's are that OP of a class that they needed to be stuck into little pigeon holes?

07-09-2013, 06:30 PM
I don't think that you have to only focus on melee or casting.

Yes, you have to take season's herald now, but you can still take some of nature's warrior and still have racial and multiclass options.

You will have to make choices and sacrifices, but you have to do the same thing now. That is what customization is all about.

When druids first came out, I leveled a pure one as a season's herald. I never liked that prestige, because I could never tell what season I was in. I eventually switched to nature's warrior, and never looked back.

I do not like that I will have to take season's herald now, but I can work around it, and make a fun druid build.