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07-04-2013, 04:42 PM
Hey all,

Just wanted to bounce some ideas for a relatively easy to acquire gear set for my 12Monk/7Rogue/1Fighter. I plan on staying at cap through at least 20 CitW and 20 FoT, so I definitely want to gear her enough to be able to contribute as much as possible in those raids and EE quests.

This toon is a dark monk, with level ups into STR, fighting in Mountain Stance. Initially I thought about using the Commendation set for the bonus (25% damage reduction on vorpal proc) which looked to me to be very good on EEs. However, while laying it out I found myself with not enough slots to put all the essential stuff.

In addition, being a STR based, mountain stance monk, I think the Fort bypass from the black armor would benefit me more than for, say, a WIS based monk in water/wind stance.

I want to be able to use cocoon, so slotting Potency/Devotion as well as SP is essential.

Head: Helm of the Black Dragon STR or CON
Goggles: Triple-air Green Steel (Blurry, +45HP)
Trinket: Shamanic Fetish/Planar Focus of Prowess STR or CON
Necklace: Pendant of the Stormreaver
Armor: Flawless Black Dragon Robe
Cloak: Adamantine Cloak of the Wolf
Bracers: Greater Convalescent of Superior Parrying
Gloves: Backstabber's Gloves
Ring 1: ToD Ring with Holy Burst/Healing Amp +20%
Ring 2: Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy
Belt: Spare Hand
Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow/Halcyon Boots

This set gives me 4 Blue slots (Heavy Fort, False Life, PRR and Good Luck?), 3/4 Yellow Slots (Deathblock, Fear Immunity and WIS +2 maybe) and 2 Colorless Slots (2 x STR and/or CON).

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.