View Full Version : Epic Pastlivfe Ideas

07-04-2013, 12:15 AM
I just want to throw in some ideas i have for ePLs.

Make ePL a two tier feat.
a general bonus, that is applied as soon as accuired,
a specific bonus that is applied as soon as the desteny is chosen.

Propably doable to add a second bonus to the static ones with prequisite PL feat.

Now a suggestion for Magister/draconic

ePL(Magister): Summon Familiar.
Having this PL you gain the ability to summon a familiar. This is a stance and cannot be dispelled. Cooldown: 30 mins.
familiar: Bat: This stance renders your spells to act as if they had an active conc opp. Each time you hit smth with your spells there is a chance you regain some SP or gain temporary HP
Familiar Badger: see above, This stance renders your spells to act as if they had a greater shattermantle effect. Each hit with a spell temporarily reduces the enemys Spellresistence. (if granted at lvl1 make it shattermantle till lvl 16)
familiar owl: This stance allows you to learn more about the enemys weaknesses, passing 50% of your spells through immunities. (as example: hold monster 50% works though FoM etc.). (prob exclude red and purple named)

i know they are strong, but hey, we talk about stuff you get for lvl28.