View Full Version : Petition: Improve Red and Green Dragonscale Armors

07-03-2013, 12:51 PM
So, I have to say first, that ddo has made some massive improvements to equipment in recent times, and we have Feather of the Sun and team to thank for good heroic named loot for leveling and TR-ing, the great new augment system, an improved AC system, and a lot of great new stuff. Nonetheless, there are still some things that don't make sense, and one of them is how poor red and green DS armors are compared to the new flawless ones. The new armors are very easy to get- it took me little time to grind out two flawless armors for my monk and cleric, and I have the option to upgrade them at the Stormreaver monument to make them even better. Meanwhile, I've been slowly building my FRDS supply over the years to where I almost have enough to craft something, and then have to wonder what the point will be. Most of the buffs granted by the Cormyrian Red and Green DS armors can easily be gotten through augments now, Seeker +10 and Power Store excepted, and their AC values are lower than their white, black, and blue armor counterparts. The Epic Velah armor does have some truly unique features, it is nearly impossible to get due to the shard drop rate and has a still lower AC. Meanwhile, the Cormyrian Red Armor still takes MUCH longer to get than the new ones, and the Green drop rate is nearly non-existent. Shouldnt the value of the armor be somewhat comparable to the time invested in earning it? As such, I'd like to propose that these armors be improved to be at least comparable to the new ones, if not better. Red and Green dragons are iconic, and the armor made from their scales should be no less.