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07-01-2013, 04:11 PM
I am needing help, I have recently made a Warchanter Bard, and I am looking for what gear I need to be on the lookout for. If anyone has any ideas please let me know,

Thank You

07-02-2013, 12:56 AM
Hail Krontan.

What level character, what adventure packs do you have access to, what gear do you already posses, what race etc etc.
Most importantly what is your end objective(s) with your WC?


The list is only as useful as the parameters u provide for us to offer suggestions.

Good on you for going bard - your definitely in the minority. Bards Rock!!


07-02-2013, 03:10 AM
bases: str, con, hit points, fortification, saves, enough cha to cast
casting: devotion item, spell points item

here's what my lvl 16 favor runner bard on Wayfinder has
*Shining Devastation + Devotion in red slot
*Greater False Life belt
*(proof ag. poison) ring of heavy fort
*Charisma 6 cloak
*Health 6 necklace
*Ogre Power 6 gloves
*Bracers of greater parrying
*Lenses of Opportunity
*Wizardry VII item
*Resistance item
*Haggling item
*Perform item

I forgot:
Striding 30 boots
VoM / Shard of Xoriat
lootgen magecraft breastplate of radiant prisms (no ship buffs..) => eyeing Fleshshaper's Brigantine => ran the chain once, didn't drop

07-02-2013, 08:55 AM
I am a vip with access to Motu and the new expansion coming out. I am also a Human Bard level 12 and fighter level 4 at the moment. I have all the ranks in fighter I am going to take and the rest will go into Bard. I am looking for gear that will help me solo grind at higher levels.

My Gear is as follows

Head : Helm of Frost
Back : Envenomed Cloak
Hand : Charged Gauntlets - I keep these 3 items on me for the bonus to strength that it gives
Chest : Bolstering Chain mail of axe block
Belt : +6 Strength and light fort
Boots : Corsairs Galoshes
Wrists : Corsairs Cufflinks - I keep these on for underwater breathing and switch the boots out for FF item
Ring 1 : Int +4 Cha +4 Undead Guard
Ring 2 :
Necklace : Con +6 Haggle +3
Goggles : Lesser Restoration x5
Trinket : VoM

Let me know what I need to change and from where if you can remember Thanks.

07-03-2013, 12:47 AM
If you have WC II - you could look at using a medium armour:


Light armour:






Greensteel helm or bracers


Just some food for thought ... GL

07-03-2013, 01:35 AM
I've updated my earlier post with a few items I forgot.

I am looking for gear that will help me solo grind at higher levels.

Defenses: Heavy fortification. Work on your hit points. Greater False Life. Toughness/Vitality. Resistance.
Offense: Seeker (e.g. Lenses of Opportunity). Sneak Attack items (not so hot if solo).

From your gear, I'd keep:
Necklace. Con 6. At 18 farm Alchemist's Pendant for extra hit points, extra song, extra action boost.
Trinket. VoM. You should be able to farm Shard of Xoriat, summons can help.
Belt. STR. OK

Rest seems a bit meh. You know, level 5 gear at level 16. Definitely start working on your defenses. Heavy fort, hit points, and resistance bonus to saves should be your priority. Use the auction house. Getting Minos Legens (DDOWiki it) and a GFL belt/ring/armor would go a long way.

07-06-2013, 07:07 AM
Strongly depends on your plans with the character - if you are going to stay at lvl20, TR, ...

Basically when you say warchanter, it means just "melee" with few specifics. Therefore, as you lvl up, you should be looking to same gear as other melees (in order of priority):
- always keep best str gear available to your level (should be easy to get +2 item at lvl3, +3 at lvl5, +4 at lvl7, +5 at lvl9 and +6 at lvl11).
- same goes with constitution items at same levels
- get Heavy Fortification item at lvl9-11
- get Greater False Life item at lvl9-11
- keep the best Resistance item you can find to your level - once again, should be reasonably easy to have +5 resistance item at lvl9
- keep your charisma including gear bonuses so high you can reliably cast highest level spells you would be able to - which is charisma 16 as minimum at bard lvl16
- keep the best striding item you can find as faster is always more fun
- other than that, other items are nice-to-haves, but definitely nothing necessary.

As you are lvl16 now, equipping yourself should be reasonably easy and cheap - at the bonuses at milestone levels I have typed above, you would need pure items which might come bit expensive, at lvl16 you can afford cheap variants. As for named loot, I would completely skip that until endgame save for few items, namely Voice of the Master and possibly Stormsinger Cloak if you are first-life. If you are not, you might have few things stashed from previous life or other toon, namely Minos Legens helm and GS weapon/gear.

From what you have, get rid of the Chrono set, possibly only keeping the gauntlets as they add to your DPS. Get rid of the click goggles - for restoration use pots, they are cheap and do not block you gear slot which might hold something as nice as True Seeing. Drop the corsair set.