View Full Version : Turbine, my ideas to stimulate revenue

07-01-2013, 01:53 PM
Dear Turbine here are my suggestions to help DDO prosper.

Start a modest advertising campaign, nothing fancy. Just let people know this game exists. Most people In my circle have never even heard of it.

The current starter zone looks very dated and gives a very poor impression of what DDO can offer.
I have recommended this game to friends who go on to be turned off by the dated graphics of Korthos and the Harbor.
The first impression one gets from a game is very important and the first impression DDO has to offer is underwhelming.
Yet, this is still my favorite game due to the complexity and freedom not found in other games of this genre.
I have a strong feeling there are many people out there who would fall in love with this game if they knew what it really is. DDO simply offers something other MMOs don't.

A common mistake many game designers make is dumming down, er sorry "streamlining" their game hoping to attract the simple crowd. Once DDO does this it will be just a poor version of many other MMOs out there.
Instead spend some time on a really informative and slick tutorial, have the community give feedback on what we think new players should know and weave it into a questline.

If you had a Korthos that was exciting and engaging with the same beautiful artwork found in the newer packs you could give a more accurate presentation to potential customers of what DDO is all about.
I think a complete revamp of the Grotto, Korthos and it's quests would be a wise time investment. Another steller F2P pack for levels 3-5 showcasing your best design would also help greatly.
I was glad to see the Harbor getting some attention on Lammania, the quests themselves need a revamp as well, some of them look awfull.
I would also suggest (though not as important) that class or race specific beginer quests would breath new life and excitment into the game for Reincarnations. As someone who TRs frequently I am quite burned out on the early content.

I believe implementing these ideas would not only promote sales of Hearts of Wood but attract new players. Take a break from focusing on endgame for awhile and expand your customer base. I don't want to see this game die, or worse yet get butchered by out-of-touch execs trying desparetly to save it.

07-01-2013, 02:01 PM
What ever happened to the "Cloud" idea so people could play on browsers, get to "know" the game before committing to the 4 hour download?

You know what'll always sell?

- Bank space
- Inventory space

I max this on everyone. You can never have too much.