View Full Version : Fix Xbow Reloading and Special Attacks

06-29-2013, 01:34 AM
This has been an ongoing problem with xbows, especially repeaters....if you don't have your xbow reloaded when you click a special attack, the timer starts but you don't actually fire anything. Before, it was really only noticed if you try to Adrenaline with an unloaded bow. With the EP changes, repeater builds now have access to many new clickable skills like Called Shot and Inferno Shot that suffer from the same problem.

Clicking a clickable skill, even when it fires, also doesn't automatically trigger the reload animation, either...so you have to go completely manual to use these. Click skill, click mouse to manually reload. Click second skill, click mouse to reload. If you're an Arti, you're also trying to manage your spells, and charging/discharging your runearm - its way too much going on at once to coordinate. And sometimes you don't know if your bow is loaded or not before you start a fight, so you have to fire a round into the ground first just to check.

Whats even worse, clickable skills are completely incompatible with using autoattack. If you have AA on, naturally you fire as soon as you reload, so clicking a clickable skill while cycling your AA is pretty much guaranteeing it will misfire.

Here's what needs to happen to make repeater clicky skills viable:

-Always reload automatically after every attack, you shouldn't have to ever manually click to reload. Your bow should always be loaded, in other words

-Have ranged clicky skills work like melee clicky skills, where clicking it will cause it to activate the next round of combat. So if I click a ranged clicky skill in the middle of an attack, it'll complete that attack, then fire off the special attack, not try to fire the ranged attack immediately and have it fail.

Repeater builds could be really fun in the post-EP game, with the versatility of having special attacks...just as long as the game's engine doesn't make it essentially unplayable because you have to micro-manage your attack sequence so much.