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06-25-2013, 09:56 AM
Hello everyone,

once our characters reach a certain point, nowadays thats either level 20, 23 or 25 most players equip their main weapon and are basically done with ever getting to upgrade their weapons. There isnt much need to swap, and investments into commendations to upgrade weapons tends to force us into deciding which weapon to upgrade fully (if any).
Just because it so happened that i invested 25 heroic commendations into my pinion I had a couple unexciting choices.
Now I have made this investment and have a list of 4 lame elemental ausgments and some alignment or material augments to choose from. This needs to change! After getting 25 commendations that is all the game has in store for us?

And having in mind that the expansion will increase our levelcap but will likely not introduce any new raids we might be using our CiTW gear for a while to come.

I want cool augments!

What i'd love to see for red and other colored slots:

min lvl 28 augments:
- Tempestuous, Meteoric, Heavenly Wrath, Obscenity

min lvl 24 augments:
- incite 30%
- Seeker 10, exceptional seeker 5
- tactical dc's (Stunning 10, Vertigo 10, Shatter 10, Tendon Slice 10%)
- Sneak attack, exceptional sneak attack

Named Augments (red slots only):

Razor Edge (min lvl 28) - Seeker 15
Cloudy Gem (min lvl 14) - Cloudburst effect

you can be creative here, some raid some non raid.


- will vastly increase interest in slotted weapons! Mountain's Fist and Adamantine Knuckels for example
- may increase amount of citw's and fot's that are run to aquire heroic commendations for upgrades
- exciting upgrade options!
- augments min levels adapt to levelcap increases (Sireth + meteoric upgrade min lvl 28)
- some of these rare effects will finally be used, i think it wouldn't take too much time to create the augments
- costs little and has a big impact on the game and loot system


- ESos with Obscenity on it? yeah right! ...ok maybe obscenity should be really really rare!
- I'm sure the community will find more :P

make rare weapon effects available as augments!

06-27-2013, 08:36 PM
Cons: Power creep; you don't want to have too big a gap between the "ubers" and "casuals". People complaining when L28 weapons do come out and they have to toss aside their fully-upgraded and -augmented CiTW weapons and start from scratch.

I'm much more apt to support non-DPS-related augments like CC or aggro effects, though.