View Full Version : Best monk Tank gear setup/EE gear and ED setup for 20monk

06-22-2013, 10:39 AM
Just wondering what the best gear setup for monk currently is.

06-28-2013, 12:20 PM
Just wondering what the best gear setup for monk currently is.

Your mileage may very greatly here depending on your gameplay. Others will chime in on what they like.

Monks are more dependent on stats, skills and enhancements to make much of their gear worth a darn but there are common things that many EE Monks use or have at the ready.

Grave Wrappings: These Stunning +10 wraps also level drain and break fortification. THE go-to wraps in most cases.
The Sun Soul set: These 3 items worn together work like the Jidz-Tetka bracers and give special buffing or protection based on your Monk stance.
Spider-spun Caparison: This outfit is not only cool looking but can be added as a Sun Soul item with enough PDK favor
Goggles: Drow Smoke Goggles are good, but Lenses of the Woodsman may be better.
Grandmaster of Flowers ED: Make this your 1st or 2nd ED and Twist from Unyielding Sentinel and Legendary Dreadnought.
Unyielding Sentinel ED: Get Brace for Impact or low fortification (less than 150%) will get you killed in EE
Legendary Dreadnought ED: A good Monk ED that can give you more PRR and better stunning DC, among other things. The Masters Blitz epic moment is a punishing power for unarmed Monks.
Purple Dragon Gauntlets: For 30% healing amp when you need it.
Boots: Cannith Boots of Propulsion pale now to the Treads of Falling Shadow.
Rings: Ring of Shadows for blurry and ghostly for added protection, and keep your TOD Holy Bursted ring from Amrath handy. A Seal of House Dun-Robar adds more stunning DC.