View Full Version : Time to re-gear my capped fighter, advice/help needed.

06-17-2013, 09:37 PM
OK guys I have made the decision to finally update my capped Fighters kit since I think it's somewhat out of date these days, now I reckon that most of it if not all will have to be replaced which is fine as I figured that would be the case. What I have so far is the following:

Helm - Flawless Black Dragon Helm /w insight +3 STR.
Armour - Flawless Black Dragon Plate (Heavy Fort slotted).
Goggles - EE Intricate Field Optics (Seeker +? and Blind Immunity slotted probably, not sure on Blind Immunity though).

Beyond that I have no idea really so any help would be awesome, I can list my current set up if that would help but since I am expecting to replace everything I didn't see the point but will do if it's requested.

Thanks all!


PS - The toon is a 2HF Kensei build who sits in LD or FoTW atm for full DPS and is currently having a riot with Sireth (might have to respec to get the most of this thing it's just whole new levels of awesomesauce!).

06-19-2013, 06:50 AM
37 views and no replies? Come on guys any help would be awesome!


06-19-2013, 07:11 AM
Hi Stoner,

I never really had a fighter capped to 25 since atm i'm on a TR spree, altho what I could see for easy and basic gear:

Hands: PDK Gloves
Bracers: 10 or 20% Hamp random loot-gen bracers (since you alrdy got 30 on your gloves)
Boots: GS minII 45 HP
Ring1: Encrusted slotted with w/e you like
Ring2: Manslayer from house C
Belt: Knost


There's prolly better but like I told you I never really had good focused melee that stayed capped for long.
You might want to check Hoss (http://ddocrafting.info/myddo/khyber/hossa/) but some of his gears is outdated.
Hope this helped,


06-19-2013, 11:40 AM
My fighters gear is as follows

Helm- Helm of the Black Dragon +3 insightful strength, sloted +7 Con +2 Good Luck
Googles - Dream Visor +7 Wisdom
Chest - Flawless Black Dragonscale +35 HP
Bracers- Bracers of the Twisting Shade
Ring - Ring of the Ravager with +20% healing
boots - Treads of the Falling Shadow
gloves - Nether grasps/Purple Dragon Gauntlets
ring 2 - Seal of House Avithoul +2 Insightful Wisdom
belt - Colenthenis's Belt/ Epic Tier 3 Spare Hand +1 Wisdom, +1 Con
cloak - Shroud 45 Hit Point cloak with heavy fort
trinket - prowess +8str
necklace - Pendant of the Stormreaver +2 Insightful Con

Edited for clarification on gear, running primary LD with Twists of fate Primal Scream, Tunnel Vision, and Lucidity (+3 UMD).

06-20-2013, 07:38 AM
Thanks for the replies guys, I now have my Black Dragonplate armor with Heavy Fort slotted in it just working on other gear now.