View Full Version : Suggestion for the EP: Skillpoint Respec

06-15-2013, 05:05 PM
We can respec feats, we can respec enhancements, but you can only reset skillpoints with a LR. With the changes to the skillpoint system being discussed - particularly the changes to Heal/Repair and Spellpower/Spellcraft - skillpoint distributions are going to be a lot harder to balance and keep optimal. No one wants to spend points in, say, Disable Device or Concentration, if by endgame they're not going to be able to keep the skill at a useful level. 20 points is the same as 0 points if you're always failing anyway.

Conversely, a skill that's useful early on in the game might become redundant later on. Maybe you want to switch your Trapper splash to something else once you hit Epic and the DCs become too high. Maybe you just took Quicken and you dont need Concentration anymore. Maybe you're noticing that your melee is getting tripped way too much at higher levels and you need more Balance. Maybe you're noticing you're not getting healed enough and want more Heal for heal amp.

Regardless, it seems like Skillpoints are going to be more on par with Enhancements and Feats than with class levels and ability points. I dont see why you couldnt have a skillpoint respec NPC, with maybe a 7-day timer like Fred. You could reset any number of skillpoints, but each skillpoint reset would cost, say, 1.4x as much plat as the previous point, with the first point costing 100 plat. So you could, in theory, completely overhaul your character, but it'd be reeeeeally expensive:

5 point respec: 1095 plat
10: 6981
15: 38642
20: 208921
25: 1124720
28: 3086667

So tweaking a little would be negligible, but if you wanted to, say, take a fully maxed class skill (28 points spent) and move it all into UMD or something all at once, that'd cost upwards of $3M. But if you're patient, you can migrate skillpoints week by week much more affordably. That'd allow for more skillpoint flexibility, while discouraging people from "jumping" around between skillpoint layouts too often.