View Full Version : Remove casting animations from GMoF lily strikes

06-14-2013, 01:50 PM
Aside from Ein most monks bypass this tree and see it as overly weak compared to FoW and LD. The haste boosts and damage boosts alone make it much better for dps, and the FoW knockdowns and increased damage to helpless mobs are a real boon.

The problem with GMoF are the lilly strikes. While they seem powerful they really aren't as they are not effected by spellpower, and stop the monk fighting to do a casting animation. Monks are the fastest attackers in the game, and interrupting there attacks for a cast (when well geared) always negates a dps loss rather than gain. You LOSE dps when firing one of these petal strikes when well geared.

Please make the lilly petal strikes fire with no animation and not interrupt the attack chain, then you will actually see monks using this tree for more than EiN (which is gimp compared to Blitz or Fury anyway).