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06-14-2013, 08:17 AM

My FvS (currently 20 FvS / 5 EA, possibly 18 FvS, 2 Pal, 5 EA) is a CHA based build (~800 hp, ~4200 SP) that uses Avenging Light, Divine Wrath and Energy Burst for offense.

I (nearly) have the following gear:
Googles: EE Intricate Field Optics: +8 Cha, +20 Spot, TS, slotted +200 SP (yellow) and +35 HP (blue)
Armor: Green Scale: Vitality +20 hp, Resist 6 (redundant), Superior Acid Resist, 20% Acid Absorb, Proof Against Poison +10 and Power Store (spells cost 10% less)
Bracers: Conv of Sup Parry: +20% healing amp, +4 all resists w/ +1 all resists ritual
Helm: GS: Blurry, 2 clicks of Displacement and +45 HP, +6 dex skills
Boots: EH Treads of Falling Shadows (EE version is rare / expensive but obviously wanted): 30% striding, Ghostly, +7 Dex, +2 Ins Dex
Neck: Torc: Transform Kinetic Energy (for lack of better really as I doubt I get meaningful SP from using this at level 25).
Gloves. PDK. +7 Str, +30% heal amp, +2 Ins Con (redundant)
Trinket: Idol of Fortune: +3 Good Luck, Heavy Fort, +4% dodge, empty yellow slot
Cloak: GS: Conc Opp, Blindness Immunity, +5 cha skills, +6 Proof Against Disease, +150 SP, +6 Wis (redundant)
Belt: EH Belt of Seven Ideals: GSP IX, +76 Potency, slotted Deathblock (yellow) and +7 Con (colorless)
Ring: EN Djinn: Sup Light Resist, 33% Elec Absorb, 10 DR/Lawfull
Ring: EH Ring of Stormreavers Prophecy: +8 Wis, slotted +7 resist (green) and +2 Ins Cha (colorless)
Shield: EE Bulward of the Storm's Fist: 15 sheltering, +3 Ins Con, slotted +7 nat armor (blue), +7 protection (purple)
Weapon: Swaps between Devotion+ Sup heal Lore, Impulse and Radiance 1h. Swaps shield for +3 evoc DC when casting BB.

As far as I can tell this means I have the following:
+7 Str, +10 Con, +10 Dex, +8 Wis and +10 Cha
Blurry and Ghostly, Deathblock, Blindness Immunity, GSP IX, 76 Potency
+350 SP (x2 for being FvS), Power Store (spells cost 10% less), ConOpp, Transform Kinetic Energy
+100 HP (+35, +45 and +20), +30% heal amp, +20% heal amp
+15 PRR (sheltering), +4% dodge, Heavy Fort, +7 Nat Armor, +7 Protection, 10 DR/Lawfull
+3 Good Luck and +11 resists (+7 resist, +4 sup parry, +1 ritual)
+10 Poison, +6 Disease, Sup Lightning Resist and Sup Acid Resist, 33% Elec Absorb, 20% Acid Absorb
+20 Spot, TS
+5 cha skills, +6 dex skills
empty yellow slot (could add +1 cha or +1 con I suppose)

Any advice or ideas to improve the setup are most welcome.