View Full Version : Needed: A 34 point Human Bard build that I will have fun with.

06-14-2013, 04:44 AM
Needed: A 34 point Human Bard build that I will have fun with.

I have a human bard with a FvS past life and I havent used my free LR yet.

She uses Greatswords because I had so many cool ones lying around and I made her a Warchanter. The problem is that she isnt any fun to play. She never actually gets to do anything bard like besides a few buffs at the start. It seems that no one has the patience for me to play any CC songs.

She has only just made level 12 and has +2 Tomes for every stat.
My goal in this game is to get every class to 20. I have lots of characters and only have bard and pally to go. Im stuck and really need help.

I would prefer not to multiclass her but will if it will make her fun or interesting to play. At the moment she just sits there.

06-14-2013, 09:42 PM
wow. i should have asked this question before the forum change. way to f.uck things up, turbine.

07-06-2013, 07:36 AM
From my experience with bards (my most favourite class, having levelled four times to cap now as pure, melee, ranged, having played in epic etc.), you do not need to use any bard stuff until lvl 12 or so, as everything until then is so easy that it is not worth it. I usually even play Inspire Courage just because it is too slow and switches off my auto attack, except before boss room.
If you want more bardness, I am afraid warchanter is a bad choice, as this prestige is just another slightly more versatile melee. Try either Spellsinger (pure, master based, charisma specced) or Virtuoso (also pure, and go for special songs). Playing Warchanter is much wiser going splashed by fighter for feats and rogue (evasion), ranger (bow strength and Manyshot) or barbarian (rages which synergize with Warchanter) in a 16/2/2 split.

Try searching Aelunira the Diva for "Love Guide", quite good overview of bard builds including a lot of sound advice. I certainly started from there and haven't regretted.