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06-14-2013, 02:36 AM
Hello all

With the doom of Update 20s Epic Destiny debacle on the horizon Ive decided to get an FvS life or two onto my Wiz.

This (these) lives are "get to 20" only and will be subject to immediate TR

The only FvS Ive had has been a WF melee Soul and I wasnt overly Impressed with him tbh so Im thinking caster build.

To help you to help me I'll provide some info

He has a couple of past lives, the most relevant being 3 Wizzie lives,and has (iirc) most +4 tomes

I would like to make good use of Instas plus have a strong Blade Barrier.
I would also like to sit back and healbot when the mood takes me :-)

I was thinking

Str ?
Dex ?
Con 16
Int ?
Wis 18
Cha 10


1) PL Wiz
1(H) Maximise
3) Toughness
6) Emp Heal
9) Empower
12) Quicken
15) SF Necro
18) SF Evo

This is just my initial thoughts - as you can see theres a couple of gaps in my starting stats because I dont know whats best.

My main concern is soloing pre. Blade Barrier and would appreciate some tips there.

I chose human in this build for no other reason than the extra feat.

Any help, advice, thoughts are much appreciated so that I can get through this life quickly and efficiently

Thank you

06-14-2013, 03:19 AM
If I intend to melee before I get BB, I put points into strength. (This is the usual case, especially if soloing.) If you cannot afford to start with 8 charisma, take the points from strength. I usually take 1 Barb level at level 2 or 13 for the 10% speed increase and sprint boost. If taken at 2, it helps you melee (weapon proficiency). If you don't want to delay BB then 13 for faster zerging. If you don't want the barb level, you could also go half-elf with fighter dilly for the wep profs. (You can swap to monk silly after you get BB for more healing amp.)

Holy Smite is a decent AoE nuke before you get BB.

Str 16
Dex 8
Con 16
Int 8
Wis 18+levels
Cha 8

This is my usual feat setup for a human.
H) Max
1) Emp
3) Toughness
6) Wiz PL
9) Quicken
12) SF Evo
15) SP
18) GSP

If you go helf
1) Max
3) Toughness
6) Emp
9) Quicken
12) Wiz PL
15) SP
18) GSP

Empower healing isn't necessary.

Craft some weapons:
holy of bleed - general dps
screaming of bleed - immune to holy
holy of (lesser) undead bane - undead
+1 ghost touch of (lesser) undead bane - incorporeal undead
*add +2/+3 to the first 3 around level 7 or so.
*craft for other things, e.g. constructs, if you like

06-14-2013, 04:04 AM
for quick'n easy fvs lives I normally build like this.

1barb > 19 favored soul.


18wisdom +levels
12 cha.

1 power attack
1 cleave
3 toughness
6 great cleave
9 Maximise
12 Quicken
15 Empower
18 Heighten

I play like a melee until I unlock blade barrier, spamming cleaves & soundburst as much as possible. From blade barrier (level 13) onwards (note i pick blade barrier, then Heal) Sprintboost from start to finish dropping blade barriers & never looking back.

Obviously the Cleaves are a bit of a waste once you get blade barrier, I sometimes utilize the free feat swap Great Cleave > Wizard past life. But they make getting to 13 so much easier that I'll never go without em again.