View Full Version : Allow weapon procs to work with crits and spellpower

06-10-2013, 01:06 PM
Right now, by endgame, basically all your weapon-based DPS comes from base damage and things that boost base damage directly (PA, stat bonus, etc.) being multiplied by crit chance, crit mult, and Seeker. The direct-damage affixes on your weapon become more and more of an afterthought. Whats an extra 1d6 Light damage when you're doing 1000+ crits?

I'd like to see two changes: first, let the elemental damage get multiplied when weapons crit, the way the base damage does...so instead of 1d6, it'd be 3d6 on a /x3 weapon. It still wouldnt compare to the base damage, when PA/STR/Seeker/+damage get added in and multiplied as well, but its a start.

Second, let the appropriate spellpower modify the damage. Maybe at a reduced rate, if need be, and certain weapons might have to be revamped/excepted (ie Celestia, with full light damage). But that would do three things: one, give a way to boost elemental damage from weapons. Two, it gives casters a way to contribute some sustainable supplementary (non-nuking) DPS that wasnt SP-based. Three, it gives some differentiation between elemental damage types beyond rock-paper-scissors with mob immunity...if you're an acid-spec sorc, there's an incentive to use acid weapons, which thematically makes a lot of sense. Its not just a matter of getting the biggest numbers, with the same weapon being everyone's best option. It'd also give melee some benefit from investing in USP, or a spellpower item/augment that complemented their weapon.

Also, it gives a little more viability to Ranged builds, since Artis could boost their imbues and AAs would get a bonus to their imbues as well.