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06-07-2013, 11:37 AM
Hi guys,

I have a lvl 20 pure rogue that was built at a DPS rogue over a year ago that I just started playing again. It is messed up and in bad shape so I will reroll it and build again. Not sure what is a good DPS build so any advise will be appreciated in terms of what stats, feats, enhances etc are best

goal - absolute kick arse DPS, traps, lock picking etc not important
2ndry - stealh and assassination would also be great
weapons - two weapon style using kophesh (have two epic elemental kopesh of water, awesome)
human - has to stay human
Pure rogue - no splashes, hybrids, other classes et
32 point build
just reroll - no TR, just a free reroll all toons got around 6 monhs ago and stay at lvl 20


06-08-2013, 12:22 AM
posted twice , still getting used to the new forums .

06-08-2013, 12:24 AM
I just read your post. I always found this build one of the best pure builds.Race listed is h-elf but could go human easily. just swap out the arti dilettante with kopeshes instead. hopefully this helps you. I don't remember who posted this, and i can't take any credit for it.https://www.ddo.com/forums/images/icons/icon6.png

Master Assassin: an int based build

Posting this build upon request.

I have tried str based and dex based rogues pures and spalshed, but by far I like this one the best.

This guy requires a lot of hard to grind gear, but it is worth it! I am currently still working to fully gear my guy out, (mostly just need epic tokens to slot out a few more empty slots) but I am close to this configuration. After I gear him out I will TR him to a Half-Elf as well, as described below.

My concept for this build started out a while back as an INT based assassin. When I started this build most folks laughed and said no way it would work. LOL. My concept was to max out assassinate DC, with 500+ HP's, be able to hit most mobs on a 2, all while still being able to do all the trap stuff expected of a rogue, without fail. This build does between 80-90% of the dps that a geared STR based build does. That said, I gotta wonder why folks go STR based!!!!

Game play on this guy involves doing most of my DPS via sneak and assassinate. I concentrate on assassinating full health bar mobs, and then joining the main fight on an already engaged mob until my cool down for assassinate is reset, I then go into sneak and hunt down the next mob with a full health bar, rinse, repeat. I usually give priority to mobs in the periphery such as archers and casters for my assassinates. I also try to get lined up so I can hit two or three mobs at once. You can often assassinate 2 at once and rarely 3 if you get lucky with double strike, but the mobs have to be close together. You can also often assassinate 2 at once by striking one and taking a fast side step to reach a nearby mob. For solo play I use a lot of summon monster scrolls to get mobs attention, then stick 'em. I tend to use Bluff, Diplo, and Hamstring a lot. All this while being able to do any trap on any difficulty, without fail. I have a lot of fun with this guy!

Damage comes primarily from Assassinate and Sneak Attack Damage which on this guy is 17d6 + 12 + weapon damage usually from a pair of EMG's which add 2d4 +21 base damage along with disintegrate procs, greater shocking blow from epic charged gauntlets, elemental damage from arti scrolls, critical hits, force burst alchemical rituals, and damage from the assassin enhancements make for nice DPS. When in situations where I can not avoid having aggro most of the time, I switch one of the EMG's for RAD II or LIT II depending on if the enemy is immune to blindness or not. For bosses I use hamstring and DR bypassing weapons (when I remember to switch, LOL). EMG's are very nearly a universal weapon that works well on everything in the hands of an assassin.

Damage wise I bring something to the table in all situations, BUT why worry about maximizing DPS by going str build or adding a splash when you can 1 shot most enemies out there and hardly fail. If the enemy is assassinatable it will go down seems to me more than 90% of the time! Even hard to assassinate enemies such as orothons and devils go down most of the time.

Anyway, Benchmarks for this build: (assumptions: ship buffs, GH, haste, rogue skill boost active, as equipped or using equipment described below, one TR, +3 tomes to all, +4 int and str tome)

507 HP

+48 standing assassinate dc (10 base + 20 levels rogue + 16 int bonus + 2 item). Can hit +50 DC with store and yugo pot use. With this DC believe me, you hardly ever fail on an assassinatable mob. Maximum theoretical assassinate DC is 53 as far as I know.

+54 to hit first swing (good enough to hit almost all mobs in the game on a 2, on any difficulty. Flanking and sneaking bonus inclusive).

Race Half-elf.

Stats: start / end game

STR 14 / 32
DEX 14 / 26
CON 14 / 32
INT 18 / 42 (18 base, +5 level ups, +6 item, +3 exceptional, +4 tome, +2 capstone, +2 ship, +1 Helf dilli enhancement, +1 human versatility)
WIS 8 / 19
CHA 8 / 22


Fort: 30
Reflex 40 (self boostable to 50 with Epic swashbuckler and uncanny dodge active)
will 23


This guy basically maxes out all skills useful to a rogue. Points are not put into concentration, heal, repair, intimidate, and perform. 23 ranks go into all of the following skills except for tumble (only need 16 ranks to max it out at 36) and jump (only need a few points to max it at 40 with the shavarath clicky).

Trap Skills +70 or better (search, open lock, and disable device) (these numbers are about 10 above the high water marks needed to do any trap/lock according to this DDO community guide) I have not failed any trap or lock with these numbers to date in epic and elite quests and raids.

Spot 61 (high water mark is 48 according to DDO community guide)
UMD 50 (good enough to cast level IX scrolls at 95% success rate)
Hide 66
Move Silently 66
Jump 55 (with shavarath jump clicky)
balance 48
swim 70 (LOL) try it, its a hoot.
Diplo 60
Haggle 60
Bluff 66
Listen 36 (could hit 51 with a +15 ring equipped, but I never do this on this guy)


Artificer Dilettante (gives you +2 UMD with scrolls as well as boosting scroll casting level!!! Also access to +1 INT enhancement, and other stuff)
Two weapon fighting
Improved two weapon fighting
Greater two weapon fighting
Insightful reflexes
Improved crit: slash
Hamstring (I use this almost exclusively vs boss mobs, as it works on most of them, and it really helps!)
Crippling strike
Slippery mind
Improved Evasion

Enhancements: (ones that I consider essential for this build, not including pre req's)

Assassin III
Human Versatility IV (nice to be able to tailor which boost you need for any given situation +5 to your choice of saves, to hit, damage, or skills)
Capstone: Deadly shadows
Racial Toughness II
Faster Sneak III
Sneak Accuracy IV
Sneak Training IV
Wand and Scroll Mastery III
Improved Recovery II
Human Adapability I -- +1 int
Half Elf Artificier Intellegence I

There is enough left over for haste boost IV or whatever else you like. I put some extras into the spot skill only, as the rest dont really need it since you can hit the high water marks already required to do any trap and lock.


Weapons: Epic Midnight Greetings. One with +6 INT slotted in. Both with alchemical force burst ritual. I also often UMD arti elemental damage scrolls on them. Swap in DR beaters as needed for bosses. In situations where getting aggro cant be avoided, I also swap out one of the EMG's with a greensteel Radiance II or Lightning II kukuri depending if the mob is blindable or not (the off hand EMG gives you kukuri prof). I also use a greensteel healing amp stick when self healing (a heal scroll fully heals me when down low, when using this). I also sometimes use an epic cutthroats small blade instead of one of the EMG's when I need the boost to my move silent score (usually not needed) OR when attempting to assassinate 3 mobs at once, since it boosts double strike chance.

For ranged weapons you get repeater crossbows profs from half elf. A nice bonus when ranged is required.

Head: Epic Helm of Frost (+7 CHA, greater cold resist, greater false life)

Neck: Greensteel (+45 HP's, smoke screen, +6 dex skills)

Trinket: Epic Spyglass (search +20, spot +20, excep int +2, +3 UMD, heavy fort, +1 alchemical to all saves)

Cloak: Epic Envenomed Cloak (resist +5, greater poison guard, +7 CON, Toughness)

Belt: Hot swap spot as needed (R avenger belt, Assassin belt, greensteel +6 int skills belt, greensteel +6 wis skills belt, etc.

Ring 1: Assassin ring with +2 excep STR (Also a hot swap as needed for +15 skill rings, Epic Ring of the Buccaneer, etc)

Ring 2: Ravenger belt (+6 STR, +1 excep STR, +2 excep CON)

Hands: Epic Charged Gauntlets (+6 STR, Greater Shocking Blow, Greater Lightning Resist, +1 excep CON)

Feet: Epic Boots of Corrosion (greater acid resist, disintigrate guard, feather falling, +1 excep DEX)

Bracers: Epic Scorched Bracers (greater fire resist, Armour +8, fear immunity)

Goggles: Greensteel (+5 CHA skills, blindness immunity, disease immunity, +6 WIS, +10 diplo, +10 haggle) (can also serve as a hot swap spot for other epic gear or greensteel)

Armour: Epic Vulkorum Leathers (+4 to hit, hide +15, greater fire resist, +3 to hit and +5 damage to sneak attacks, good luck, +6 DEX) (hot swap in Epic utility vest for +20 DD and OL if/when needed)

Quiver: Abbot quiver with 30% striding

Add bard, artificer, store, rage pots, yugo pots, etc, etc for somewhat better numbers to the above.

This guy is a lot of fun for me because blindly running ahead is NOT the thing to do with this guy. This guy requires smart play and accomplishing things by thinking outside the box, which for me is the biggest appeal for this character, and a nice refreshing change from the norm. There is almost nothing more satisfying than listening to the big bad barb ***** because you decimated his precious kill count. LOL. And you did most of it with one swing / mob

Max Theoretical Assassinate DC for a rogue:

Max assassinate DC = 53

10 Base
20 Rogue Levels
2 Epic Midnight Greetings
21 INT Bonus from 53 INT (20 base, +5 level ups, + 7 item, + 3 exceptional, +2 capstone, +2 completionist, +4 tome, +2 ship, +1 litany of the dead, +2 yugo pot, +2 store pot, +3 house D pot.)

06-09-2013, 03:44 AM
Seeming someone quoted the entire first post (ouch, c'mon! Just link it D:) I felt I should at least post the link, so you can go through the comments, if you'd like. (well, it looks like an older version was posted, though they could be different, too many similarities)

To adapt to your specifications.. just take khopesh prof.
However, I want to ask... what is "DPS" to you? Lots of big numbers, on both trash and bosses?
Or the ability to kill (almost) any trash instantly, and have lots of good numbers on bosses?

While you stated assassinate as a secondary, to be 95% (the max, even mobs roll 20's) you need to build for it, hence the link to Mellkor's rogue.
There's also another rogue build, for dps, not assassinate: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/352591-MAX-DPS-ROGUE-build(assassin-3-str-build-guide)
And someone that went for the middle line, even though their DC isn't as good (which sucks, either max DC or ditch DC imo) https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/407545-quot-The-Middle-Ground-quot-a-Hybrid-Assassin-build

In the end, those would be the 3 rogue builds I've recommend.
Hope it helps, somewhat! ^^