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06-06-2013, 06:53 PM
I'll start with a disclaimer:This build isn't very newbie friendly. Without proper gear to improve saves and hp the performance of this build is below average. However, if you do have proper gear this is one of the most self sufficient builds out there you can take.

Aimed at fast pace questing/combat so no points "wasted' on hide and move silently
Great Damage output
cleave + great cleave
Sneak damage supports base damage rather then being a main source of damage using stun, deception

-100% success chance on cure serious wound scrolls early on
-30% (up to 75%) more effective scroll/wand heals early on
-20% healing amp to further boost selfheals
-Lay on Hands in case of emergency

-proper UMD (build is strength/charisma based + artificer delittante)
-high enough saves to evade the majority of caster will and area of effect spells
-sleep immunity
-with the exception of 2-3 traps it seems to be able to find and disable every trap in the heroic game and open about 95% of all locked chests/doors.

below average starting hp
not newbie friendly
traded in some dps for better saves/umd

Playstyle to utilize
The build has the name dust ninja because you can clean out entire rooms of enemies in a matter of seconds without 'wasting' time sneaking around, getting hurt too bad or bad selfheals. You will not be sneaking up on enemies but rather you will use Cleave + Great Cleave as main damage output. pin enemies down with trip, stun and deception whereas the last two also enable your sneak attacks to do their job making short work of nasty casters and the sort.

In practice you can still sneak up on enemies and dispatch them before they have time to react and on the defensive side you won't have to worry a lot about taking on aggro or casters. With your saves you won't have to worry too much about getting held/commanded/stunned/getting hit by fireballs

Base stats
36pt build - not recommended to do this on a new character with 28 points.
16 Strength - this is where most ability points should go to
12 Dexterity
14 Constitution
14 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
15 Charisma - spend an ability point to even this out unless you have a +3/5 tome active)

Half-elf, Artificer delittante (+2 umd), useful innate skills half-elf gets are +1 to search and +2 bluff skill

Class levels (16rog/2fig/2pal)

Preferred feats
Power attack (pre for aoe attack but adds to base damage when active as well)
Cleave (aoe attack)
Stunning Blow (good for beating casters up, massive crits/sneak attacks)
Great Cleave (aoe attack with bigger range, seperate cleave timer)
Improved critical slashing (weapon has double the chance to crit)
Force of personality (uses charisma instead of wisdom for will saves for additional +8 will save)
Improved evasion (halves trap/aoe magic damage)

Optional preferred feats
Two handed fighting (more glancing blow damage)
Great two handed fighting (even more glancing blow damage)
Improved two handed weapon fighting (and even more glancing blow damage)
Weapon focus slashing (+1 attack)
Weapon specialization slashing (+2 damage)
Combat expertise + improved trip (more effective version of trip to knock down enemies)

Primary skills to max:
Disable Device
Use Magic Device
Open Lock

Secondary skills to max:
Jump to 40 max (jump is VERY useful)

stick to enhancements that boost your dps, stun/trip dc, healing amp and base stats

More things that are useful and probably common knowledge:
-well this obviously counts for any build, but the +4 stats are a good investment to keep your stun/trip dc's and umd/saves up on proper levels
-greater heroism + skill boost enhancement is an easy way to get your search/disable and saves up by 6 for a period of time
-you can buy find-trap scrolls in marketplace for an additional +2 search if you aren't that well-geared yet
-deception equipment can be nice, comes on several equipment parts
-back up your defenses by getting wind bracers for a permanent 20% blur, robes for saves (preferably the +10 reflex xoriat robes)
-White (defensive) or Black (offensive) light dragon armor is great for leveling up.
-don't neglect your hp, get some false life(IE admirals tricorne, colored augments), guild augment, greensteel and so forth.

This should give sufficient information about this build. Happy hunting!