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06-06-2013, 10:00 AM
Hello. I have been playing a Warforged Sorcerer for a while now and just got to level 13 as a fire spec. The "build" I have is very scattered since I'd started with the preset builds and then veered off to test out a few things on my own.

I am now looking to clean things up and make something that is actually viable, but I don't want to spend the $10 just to mess it all up again. (Incidentally, having respecs cost so much is one of the things that I HATE about the game's revenue model. It makes me a) fear respeccing because I'll just waste money or b) not want to play because I can't try out builds and won't know I'm doomed until I've already invested lots of time.)

Any good locations to find current build recommendations? I'd really prefer to get this done in one shot and spend money on content rather than mistakes.

Thank you.

P.S. Despite most people saying to spec out of fire, I'd like to maintain that as primary and pick up a secondary that will do well enough to get me past situations where fire is useless.

06-06-2013, 12:31 PM
You can use this as a reference: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/415819-Farwind-An-Air-savant-Endgame-EE-DPS-Build

you will have 1 feat less so no pl sorc feat otherwise look for change electric to fire and ice to electric :)

06-13-2013, 05:45 PM
You don't need to fully respecc. There's just some feats that are really nice to have and the rest is optimizing.
The ones I consider mandatory are:

Spell focus: Evocation
- (The savant preq's)
- Adding those 2 to your Spell-like-abilities (SLA), the ones you get from enchantment can make them pretty good.
That's really all I consider "mandatory". Some might take heighten out, but then you might aswell give up on your SLA's.

Afterwards some decent feats are:

Greater evocation focus
Epic evocation focus

Spell penetration
Greater spell penetration
Epic spell penetration

The spell penetration feats can be used for "drain level", "Finger of death", "Waves of exhaustion" and all the other goodies that make spell casters fun to play.
If you can penetrate resistance you can make up for DC's with "support" spells. Support spells for me are spells like "Solid fog" and 2 of the above.

You can stay fire if you like - a mix of drain level/enervation and a secondary element will take (immune) things down just fine.
Consider either acid or force as they will benefit your fire spells "Burning blood" and "Meteor shower".

Another thing to note is that some enemies will be immune to the "support" spells, like big bosses, might have a DC so high that your fire spells will be constantly reflex saved. This is even worse if the monsters have evasion(feat). In that case your secondary element can help you. Acid rain, Black dragon bolt, Burning blood and melf's acid arrow all ignore the DC check and sap away at their health pool without them being able to resist.

Just like Magic missiles, Chain missiles, Force missiles and the bludgeon damage of meteor shower (all force).

If you decide to go for Fire, then I got a little theory that says Enlarge could also be pretty good. The reason is that your SLA's Burning hand and Scorch have a low range. Enlarging them would make them easier to use.

The last tip is: If you got Gianthold then getting 75 favour with Agents of argonessen can give you 2x Blood of dragons. This allows you to change all your spells for 1 hour.
At level 20 the cost of a portable hole can be gained in a few hours. However, blood of dragons are really rare and bound to character.
I took the portable hole (inventory space) and regret it a little, as I want to swap out spells and try out Water savant.

Edit: I totally forgot! If you're warforged consider Quicken. It is great for those max/emp/quicken reconstruct.