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06-04-2013, 11:21 PM
So my banks are getting full after 5 lives and I started my 6th life this weekend. I haven't kept much low level gear in my past lives as bank space is limited however I am buying more so I want to get a base level of low end gear. This life I did 0 gear preparation. I did this for several reasons but mostly because I have realized over the past lives that I am spending more time gearing than leveling at lower levels.

What I want to do here is Improve my toons overall gear for this life and future lives. Keep in mind this is an eventual completionist effort so I would like to keep as much gearing the same from life to life. My gearsets now tend to lean toward a thf or monk with outfits or padded armor.
Basic theory:
I want to craft or collect gear for level 1. Other than a few Items I have (or may want to collect) I don’t want to regear till level 5 when I will do a fairly full regear. From there I just add these other items as they become available and swap them a little as needed. I know I want Fort, DB, Save Resistance, Protection*, Potency*, Power*, magic Lore*, Striding, False Life, Attack*, Seeker*, Deception*, class appropriate skills and class appropriate ability points, Invulnerability and my favorite at low levels Life shield (for real I love this enhancement were else can I get it? Are there any names items with it?.) Did I miss anything?

*As needed for build and class

I tend to splash rogue into a lot of builds and still have a few melee classes left so I want to focus on that for now but I will add caster class gear later with your help hopefully. Current life level 4 2rogue/6barb/12fighter TWF. Next will be for Pally with a monk splash. From there Monk, rogue, ranger, bard, Sorc, wiz, artificer then completionist ?

Not really looking at weapons with this post unless they bring something special to the table or require a refit of gear to maximize their use.
This is what I have now and most gear is crafted with masterful craftsmanship
Goggles: +1 Attack and a full set of +5trapping goggles to swap out as needed
Armor/robe: Invulnerability
Bracers: Str 1
Ring: Gravnocks band LVL 2 for Resistance 2
Ring: Lesser False life
Boots: Striding 10%
Gloves: Dex 1
Belt: light Fort
Cloak: none
Trinket: Greater bold trinket at level 4
Necklace: Con 1
Headgear: Battered helm

What I plan for level 5
Goggles: +2 Attack/ and a full set of +10 trapping goggles
Armor/robe: Life shield of Invulnerability crafted with med guild slot for 15HP pretty much use till 20 maybe add armor enchantment if ac is relevant
Bracers: Str 4
Ring: Resistance 4
Ring: False life
Boots: Striding 20%
Gloves: Dex 4
Belt: moderate fort / heavy at level 7
Cloak: mantle / feather fall of reflex 5
Trinket: Greater bold trinket at level 4/ voice
Necklace: Con 4
Headgear: Battered helm (I should really come up with something better ?)

Later levels:
Goggles: HP con op goggles with 9% healing lore
Armor/robe: Life shield of Invulnerability crafted with med guild slot for 15HP
Bracers: Ethereal/ Ventilated Bracers/ Tharaak Bracelet/ Min2 with sp and my missing hp from goggles
Ring: Ring of Balance / Ring of Djinn/ Katras Razor Wit
Boots: Mad stone/cannith propulsion
Gloves: Maenya’s Iron Fists
Belt: Belt of Thoughtful remembrance/Vorne’s Belt
Headgear: Minos Legens/ Teraza’s Perfect Sight

That comes close to what I did last life though I do have more gear to choose from. Anyway what thoughts do you have? What am I missing? Planer Gird is main thing on my farm list at this point but what else would you add?

Any help is apreciated

06-05-2013, 05:41 AM
I wear Abishai set until around lv 10. Looking forward to gearing is one of my fav things when tr'ing.

Some twink gear off top of my head:

Boots of the Innocent, Greater False Life item, Silverflame Necklace, Pale Lavender Iuon Stone, Purple Iuon Stone, Dragonscale armor, Dragontouched armor, Jorgundal's Collar, Reaver's Ring, Carnifex, House C challenge items, Blademark's Docent.

06-05-2013, 07:30 AM
My level 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 gearsets are pretty static across all alts:

Level 1
Head: Wizardry II or Enchantment save +5 or whatever (remade each life)
Eyes: Secret Door Detection (bta; passed around each life)
Neck: Necklace of Contemplation
Back: Spot +5 if trapper, Enchantment save +5 if not (remade each life)
Wrist: +4 Reflex Save (remade each life)
Hand: +4 Will Save (remade each life)
Waist: <none>
Feet: Feather Falling boots of Jump +3 (bta; passed around each life)
Ring: (reign ring)
Ring: (reign ring)
Trinket: Melee Alacrity or Lore
Body: Invulnerability
Weapon: Flaming rapier of Bleeding (bta; passed around each life), a t-staff, or Ember Greataxe

Level 3
Waist: Moderate Fortification (remade each life)
Weapon: Flaming adamantine greatsword of Risia icy burst (ML2) or a t-staff
The greatsword in unbound, but the adamantine helps prevent permanent damage. (Or really any wear and tear at all.)

Level 5
Head: Magi or Enchantment save +5 or whatever (remade each life)
Eyes: unchanged from level 1
Neck: Health +4 (remade each life)
Back: Spot +10 if trapper, Enchantment save +5 if not (remade each life)
Wrist: Resistance +4 (remade each life)
Hand: Strength +4 (remade each life)
Waist: Moderate Fortification (remade each life)
Feet: unchanged from level 1
Ring: (reign ring)
Ring: (reign ring)
Trinket: Melee Alacrity or Lore
Body: Life Shield of Invulnerability (toss Life Shield on prefix)
Weapon: Carnifex or T-Staff

Level 7
Head: unchanged from level 5
Eyes: unchanged from level 1
Neck: unchanged from level 5
Back: (toss FF on prefix of ML5 version)
Wrist: Resistance +5 (bta, passed around each life)
Hand: Strength +4
Waist: Greater False Life (bta, passed around each life)
Feet: Boots of the Mire (I wear Mire set until 18 then switch to rocket boots)
Ring: Ring of the Mire (Mire set bonus gives 24% striding, verified with in-game time trials)
Ring: Heavy Fortification (bta, passed around each life)
Trinket: Melee Alacrity or Lore
Body: unchanged from level 5
Weapon: Carnifex or T-Staff

Level 9
Neck: Health +6 (remade each life)
Hand: Strength +6 (remade each life)

Wiki has a list (http://ddowiki.com/page/Cannith_Crafting/BtA_base_items) of where to get BTA base items for crafting.

EDIT: I recently discovered that the ML4 (four!) bracers of wind give 20% permablur, so I may try to work that in somehow. My trusty bta resistance +5 bracers have been with me for around a year, though.

06-07-2013, 09:14 AM
For min level 1 weapons I always craft with masterful: Screaming of Bleeding.

06-07-2013, 05:22 PM
Great replies, made me double check Carnifex which seemed less than the antique Greataxe I was using. I wish they would have just called it supreme Keen or Greater Keen or something make it a little more noticeable :p Makes me wonder how much more I have over looked.

I seem to have all the same effects you have suggested in my gear already other than the melee alacrity. I always liked Greater bold trinket till I just looked at it again. I guess the last time I really looked at it I was still a caster and +1 to damage seemed pretty damn good but now I see. :) I mean now that I am using Carnifex with fighter critical accuracy and seeing how often and how much that crits for I can see that +1 is a little lame when I can just hit more often.

That does bring up one other question. What about Seeker what is its value?

Anyway thanks again, I learned a little bit here.

06-08-2013, 02:29 AM
That does bring up one other question. What about Seeker what is its value?I have never given seeker its proper due in my gearsets. Seeker is huge; try to fit in as much seeker as possible.