View Full Version : Guild Ideas / Suggestions

06-01-2013, 10:09 PM
How about an airship accessible (maybe small feature) "post board" or bulletin board that guildies might post messages on. I could see a chalk board rendering hanging on the interior or the like.

Guild leader's (maybe officers) should be provided a statistics page: ie, renown totals, log in frequency, guild chest activity itemization.. etc.

Further customization of the airship itself would be neat: ie, the race & class of the first mate or captain to bring about a more truly RP feel (I don't wan't a stinkin Kobold as my first mate, yada yada), a variety of airship flags, better (they're kinda lame currently) interior dyes and/or designs, maybe even weather conditions options for the deck.

All of these could be TP based marketable options that I would love to see.