View Full Version : 2 returning players looking for a guild

06-01-2013, 09:36 AM
Hello everyone, My wife and I are returning to the game after a long hiatus and are looking for a guild. We are looking for a guild that likes to have fun and has people that enjoy running things even if it is just for the hell of it. We value having great people and having fun the most. We want to avoid joining a guild that only has people show up to raid and do nothing else together. We would prefer a guild that did raid content or static groups in the morning and it would be really great to find one that normally has at least a few people on most of the time.

I think the first thing would be our play times, We are PST timezone and I work at night so my play times are early AM to afternoons on my days off and late mornings to afternoons on work days. Her playtimes are mornings and evenings.

We have re-rolled 2 new toons that we are currently leveling to see the new stuff as well as get used to the game again. They are; me level 10 barb and her level 9 druid. We have been playing off and in since beta and we do still have our old mains level 19.5 fighter that I am still leveling and getting used to again and her level 17 cleric that she isn't really playing because it is an original 28 point build and she wants to re-roll it as a 32 point build.

We both have a lot of mmo experience and would like to see all of the new content the game has made available while we have been away as well as meet a great group of people to have some fun with!

Hit me up here or look me up in game, toon is Taha.