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05-30-2013, 01:32 PM
Hi All!

Just started an Iconic Warfoge paladin and was wondering if their is a good paladin/cleric build? Any vialble build links?



05-31-2013, 04:44 AM
The problem with it would be you'll naturally want radiant servant, and while WF FvS work well (though theyre typically pure as the capstone stacks with addy body for some high inherent DR), clerics aren't as popular since the aura will produce rather limited self healing, particularly with the additional positive healing penalty bladeforged get vs. standard WF (and no possibility of paladin past lives) so you'll need to add as much as you can through gear & enhancements.

Theres no reason it couldnt work well, it just wouldn't be all that optimal & might need extra attention & gear beyond a fleshy type - still, a couple of possibilities to throw into a character generator (at work so can't go into detail)
18cleric/2paladin - standard battlecleric type build, not as many feats as the more traditional fighter splashed version but decent saves.
16cleric/2paladin/2monk (Could also go 15cleric with 3 monk levels for fists of light & 10% monk healing amp.) - decent saves for evasion, would be survivable & pretty quick. If you want to use non-monk weapons, you could take mithril body feat for some extra AC & PRR but personally with this i'd go without & aim for a quarterstaff build, Sireth rocks & the stout oak walking stick is very nice too, then you could be in a monk stance for a little extra bonus & use the GMoF destiny features if you want, or go with something completely different, many destinies would be nice for this.

Naturally viability of these is subject to change with the enhancement pass - whether in a positive or negative way is also debatable.

07-09-2013, 06:28 PM
I run a 18 cleric/2 paladin human and the saves make it great for EE (50+ for all)...I'm sure blade forged would work but less wisdom/sp/doc's starting with 6 was and less aura as others have said. Note that divine might is +cha bonus with new enhancements so may make an even better combo next month :-)