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05-28-2013, 11:04 AM
So I need a little help gearing out my artificer at higher levels (18-22ish...don't make it much past that before I TR). Essentially, I'm running rog6/art6/other8 lives to finish off some past life feats (plus I love the shooty guns).

Here's what I've got:
Rune-arm: Lucid Dreams/Hand of the Tombs
Xbows: Lit II/ Trip-Pos

Armor: Epic Utility Vest
Hands/Wrist: Fabricator's set for +2 damage
Neck/Ring1: Monky TOD set for +2 hit/damage
Boots: Cannith Prop
Head: Min II HP GS
Belt: TOD caster belt for + 200 SP
Ring 2: TOD Wiz ring for +9 INT
Quiver: Upgraded Q of Alacrity

Here's the advice I'm looking for:

At level 12-20 I've been using marilith chain, then swapping to E Utility Vest at 20
From 12-whenever, I've been using my Lit II/ Trip Pos xbows.

-Is there another ML 20 epic armor I should be getting? I'm really really close to finishing off a set of redscale that I'd love to run around in, but is there a better option for ranged toons at level 20?
-What other xbows should I be looking for in this level range (18-22)? Is the epic doublecross worth getting?

Advice welcome.


05-28-2013, 02:31 PM
From level 14 on I like to use dragoncale armor:


I like the Leaves of the Forest armor as well:


As for rune arms I like Toven's Hammer and Cirruption of Nature.

For xbows I sue smitting for Cannith, banishing for Chronoscope, Doublecrossbow, and tthis one at L23:



At L25 I'm running Epic Flawless Blue scale armor with a blue augment of heavy fortification in it.