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05-28-2013, 01:22 AM
Hello folks, I have some random questions if someone has time to answer them

I have a level 12 Monk, which I must say is a great at soloing. I’m a second life, the first was FvS. I enjoyed my FvS some, but being my first toon I really had a lot to learn. In fact, I still do.

During my FvS life I was fortunate enough to collect a few things which encouraged me to make my monk. I’m a Half-elf pure light monk w/cleric dilettante. I’m telling you this in case this somehow changes an answer to any of my questions.

Although I’m light right now, I am thinking of trying the dark side for a few levels and would like to see how short swords are as a monk with weapon. Sure, unarmed might be “better” but I like fighting with weapons a bit better. I was thinking of going dark w/Ninja and rogue. Of course maybe staying w/cleric would be best because I would not have my self-heals anymore. Opinions?

Right now I’m wearing the quicksilver Cassok – I truly love this armor! I do need to find a blue sapphire to slot into it. Anyways, it’s much better than some of the other robes I have had to wear, but I like outfits better. I was wondering if I purchased an outfit cosmetic set would I still look like I’m wearing robes? Heck, I would like to look like I’m wearing armor, but I’m sure that would be asking too much. So, anyway I can wear this skirt without showing off my legs?

I have been luck to find a dusk heard (10% chance to miss) and a ghost-walking cloak (10% chance to miss). Do both of these stack? I feel like I’m moving faster and dodging a bunch, but is it just my imagination?

Handwraps - I feel like I’ve found some great ones, for my level. I have Eternal Rest, Devotion, Stonedust (love these) and I have Ivy waiting for me. Of course I have various elemental ones as well. Is there anything else I should be looking for? Yes, I will be heading to Lordsmarch soon to upgrade the Stonedust.

Do light monks normally use more than one stance? I find I’m in mountain most, but I like the concept of Ocean better. Is it more of a preference?

I need to go back and read Syncletica’s monk book now that I have more experience, thanks BTW! Anyone have a link to some monks? I had some bookmarked prior to the forum chance, but….

Anyways, just some random questions and I appreciate any responses.

One more question: anyone else dislike the colors for the new forum updates?

05-28-2013, 02:09 AM
Speaking from experience as a helf monk, cleric dill is the way to go.
Now, the common advice, as is on the book of Syn, is to go light. I don't like light, I feel dark offers more to a monk that can use heal scrolls.
One, ToD is fun. Light beats it though. However, 25% incorp make a **** good difference, and at epics, I found fists of light to be pointless. Shadow fade however, was awesome. With that, in dreadnought, I managed to tank elite harry (28 pt, badly geared), while the team almost wiped, until I raised people with scrolls.
I managed to solo eHard devil assault (was "fun"), but people have done both on light monks.
So, I guess it all comes down to what you want. 25% incorp, 3d6 sneak attack (helps) and a 500 dmg attack, or an OP stun (tomb of Jade), banishing strike (rather nice) and some other stuff. So yeah, either works, depends on preference.
DISCLAIMER: I didn't spend much time at EE level, being 28 pt, and badly geared :P

In regards to cleric dill vs rogue dill, I'll take cleric any day, if not for 95% heal scrolls, then for raise dead scrolls. More than once I've saved a raid with those scrolls.

(Oh, and it's easier to get Void IV ninja spy II (or I, II isn't great) than it is to get void IV on a Shintao III, from experience.)