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05-26-2013, 01:20 PM
hello I'm new, I died on a dungeon and do not know how to revive

05-26-2013, 03:10 PM
hello I'm new, I died on a dungeon and do not know how to revive

You probably gave up waiting for an answer, or found the answer in game.

If you are dead then we've reached the zombie apocalypse. If your character died use the release function that shows on your screen when the character dies. That releases the character from the dungeon and takes them to their original spawn location.

That spawn location can be changed by using a spirit binder found (usually) in taverns. If you don't know where that spot is you can check by typing /resloc.

05-28-2013, 10:42 AM
Further to Therigar's advice (which is last resort and probably 100% accurate for the situation you faced) if you are in a party there is often a way to be revived without having to release back to town.

At each rest shrine you will often see another shrine, this is a resurrection shrine, which will bring you back to life if you are close enough to use it. You are bound to your soul stone which drops where you die, you can only move so far away before a 10 second countdown will appear, when the timer reaches 0 you get teleported back to your soul stone. This lets you run a short distance to try and grab that resurrection shrine.

Your soul stone can be picked up and carried about. Players will often grab a soul stone and head back to a shrine to help their fallen party member get back on their feet (some times they may need to fight to the next shrine, so don't give up hope, see if they make it). Hirelings and some advanced pets can also be instructed to pick up your soul stone, so even when alone you may still have a chance.

Also note the difference between being dead and being incapacitated. An incapacitated player is between 0 and -9 HP, they will slowly bleed to death (-10) and can be saved if the party can get to them in time. Any healing will stabilise a player and prevent them from bleeding out. Once stable (there is a small chance to stabilise on your own) a player will slowly get back to 1 hp (I think that mechanic is either due to chance or has changes and will be a 20 second timer and I believe 20% hp).

So, if you see a party member go incap (above -10 hp with a pink name in the party bar) then try to get some healing to them. To this end 2 items from korthos can be a real life savers, both the bracers of aid and the curative cloak can be used on another party member to stabilise them. To use either place it on a quickbar, select the party member (click on them on the party health bars or press F2-6) then click the quick bar, you may need to click twice, once to put the item on, then again to activate it.

Well, I hope you found that useful and I hope you enjoy the game. Fight fun :)