View Full Version : Have a dev monitor Dev Tracker

05-25-2013, 01:46 PM
First off I want to say kudos to your community specialists Tolero and Cordovan for their many resposive posts following the release of Update 18. I am also very happy that the Dev Tracker has returned. With its return, a new idea has surfaced in my mind that I wanted to put forward.

There are often repetitious posts on the forums when someone encounters an issue while playing DDO. Sometimes a dev will post a quick message acknowledging that it is a known issue or is currently under investigation. With the release of Update 18, there were also some things that did not make it into the release notes that were acknowledged and sometimes clarified by the devs.

I would like to suggest that management at Turbine allocate some of Tolero's and Cordovan's time, or some other dev, to use Dev Tracker and update the release notes or known issues when a dev makes a post to the forums concerning such an issue. I think this would be incredibly useful to forum members as they can intercept posts that repeat an issue and point other users to the known issue list or release notes, without having to try hunting down a relevant post.

Further more, in the case of a dev saying "We are investigating....", would it be possible to make a dev only, sticky forum post that lists such issues? Again other forum members could point their comrades to such a page in the event of repeat posts. It would also be the perfect place to remind players of how to make detailed bug reports to assist in tracking down possible issues the devs are having trouble reproducing.