View Full Version : Which Skills should I increase with my +2 / +3 Tomes?

05-24-2013, 12:19 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm asking myself which skills I should update with the +2 and +3 Tomes from the preorder?

I have 2 main toons. A melee and a divine caster.
For both I plan some more lifes, but in the end one will be a melee and the second a divine caster

For the melee I will take regularly 1-2 rogue levels in the next lifes.

+3 Search
+3 Disable Device
So one +2 Tome left. What should I do?
+2 Balance will help always
+2 Concentration will help for Monk lifes
+2 Perform will help for bard lifes

For the Divine Caster I will also do some arcane lifes, but most probably no melee lifes.

+3 Concentration
+3 Balance
So one +2 Tome left. What should I do?
+2 Jump will help always. Especially in early levels or with low strength lifes
+2 Haggle nice, but money is not a real problem

How do you use your skill tomes?