View Full Version : Making DDO better for Everyone, specially TR's

05-23-2013, 06:52 PM
After years of playing, one thing grates on my Seventh life TR the most. I'm sick of Korthos. Imagine a DnD world where a halfling begins his life in a shire, defending his people from packs of wolves following a migrating heard through your territory, or long dark nights posted as a guard to drive away a new clan of night stalking goblins, who steal from the shire's gardens and live stalk.
Or beginning your life as a half-orc battling for your right-of-passage into manhood (or womanhood). After the challenge you must then wander the badlands to the nearest human settlement were you hope to gain someones trust enough to secure passage to larger cities where you plan to learn of your human blooded half.

Or a Warforged, who wakes up in a pool of sweet sap, discovering life for the first time. Learning that you can speak, walk, use tools or even fight the oppressing Over-Forged who insists that humans are all evil and hell bent on all Warforged destruction. Using cunning, strength, or intellect you find a group of rebellious warforged plotting an escape from the hidden Ancient factory in hopes of finding new friends, learning what being alive truly means! Instead of remaining hidden out of fear and oppression.

Point is, with all the TR's in the game now, new starter cities and wilderness areas will encourage people to purchase new races for their next TR life, and expand the game by creating a new experience for any new player . This should have been done long ago, and "unique to race" gear should be in abundance in their home town.
Any chance of this? I don't think increasing the max level is going to work for much longer, as most gods in DnD are about lv 30. So..... Godmode off plz, back to basics for TR's sake. Quality instead of quantity.