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05-23-2013, 05:52 PM
Hi all. I'll first say how excited I was nearly 4 years ago when I found ddo. Having spent most my life up to that point as a player and Dungeon Master of DnD from the first basic set (at age 12) all the way to 3.5 and pathfinders (at age 34 I quit as my first daughter was born), the memories flooded back to me. Watching DnD evolve stimulated my imagination then and its new incarnation in DDO has as well. Thanks to all the developers for trying to stick to the core DnD rules as best you could within the boundaries of internet latency and playability. I also really liked the underdark, as it finally depicted Drow as the outcasts they were meant to be in DnD, and the graphics and overall vision of the underdark was splendid, keep up the good work.

Now to business;
Attracting player base: Competitive Nature a sensitive topic in ddo, the introduction of a competitive module people can opt to buy if they want some head to head. By this I mean ; Example: Attacks on Stormreach, occurring randomly or set times for different common time zones, and announced globally, so even FTP people see the city wide call to arms. Our job as players, who own the pack is to report to our guild ship, group up with guild members of similar level then click on some altar or another which will initiate the instance for our guild raid groups using a level range selector just like in the Cove perhaps (or forcing level compliance, so any group out of level range will be rejected until fixed, or enter solo even). Once in, based on level the group selects, the instance could show our guild ship flying over the harbor say, for level 3-6 , the market for level 7-8,, etc. etc. In the instance you could have the guild airship attacked by flying monsters (randomly generated for best re-playability) as phase one of the instance, much like the beholder attack in the Twelve "Madness" campaign. These air mobs should continue to spawn wave after wave for a fixed time, say 10 minutes. If the attacking air mobs are slain, and the guild ship's occupants survived, the ship can then land or drop the group down into the chaos to defend from ground or ocean assaults as phase 2 (IMO random monster generation is critical to set this module apart, making unique builds specially capable of adapting to new circumstances and harder to prepare for, so its more about team play than just gear superiority as in most instances now). Once the attacks slow down, perhaps some minor objectives conquered, and timer elapses, phase 3 could be announced which brings on a fabulous world boss, the likes of which has never been seen, who is attacking that particular areas' command center (perhaps the harbor master in harbor, or airship gantry in market, etc, etc). Destroying this "World Boss" could be an instance that allows multiple groups to join a single instance, much like you have accomplished in Mabar vs. the Dracolich. This should be extremely special, and should impose raise dead timers like any good raid, but more than that, dead people should be penalized for being dead when the boss falls, weather by limited loot, or sharp decrease in XP or both, it should be more realistic than the immortality this game offers now with unlimited resurrection during combat, in fact,, perhaps no resing during combat is more realistic. And if a world boss kills everyone, then no one should be rewarded with loot, perhaps some xp , but if they are dead, they are the ones being looted. But in the end, the city of Stormreach can pay for damages to the guild ship and costs incurred based on the guilds performance on the stats board and level range. This reward should go to the acting guild leader and be publicly announced so the guild knows if their leader is a greedy cheating dog. (Its the little things that make games great, stimulating the value of guilds and their members will , IMO increase interest in the game as a whole, humans are a social creature weather they realize it or not).

Lastly and most importantly, this mod should have a built in counter that records all enemies killed by each group in phase 1 ,2, and 3. Recording enemies killed, guild or group deaths, time needed to complete phase 1 and 2, etc. etc, all by level of difficulty, so different categories based on level of entry . This stat board should be posted publicly in major cities throughout the in-game city in respective level range areas , honoring the guilds who saved the city and the individuals deemed most valuable by personal stats records( for one man guilds like me) . Now we have created a new reason to have a guild, guild ship, and a place to go with all your TR's epic gear to strut your stuff publicly. The ultimate challenge. And it would open the door to new, player vs. player competition this game needs badly, since I for one, do not like running the same EE dungeons for gear so I can just turn around and run the same mod again.

Introducing randomly generated enemies might even be fun for the developers, and may incite the need to create more new monsters, specially in the flying category, but it also creates an atmosphere where strange builds may suddenly shine , or flop . This idea is about getting away from the elitest , soloist , max gear, copycat build, dungeon memorizing type of game play and introducing a powerful social, team based, guild event that rewards the die-hards with public notoriety or bitter pretentiousness. We all hear and see the braggarts and humble silent genius's, why not expand the game with some form of proof for our hard work as players. Some of us may become famous on our shard, the perfect fantasy! ;) Others my realize they didn't know as much as they thought they did about DDO. But that will only push them to try even harder , and that means money for turbine, and more new content for us.