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05-17-2013, 10:59 AM
I happened to notice that the new adventure area in Eveningstar is called "The Storm Horns", this however is not correct, as it is correctly spelled "The Stormhorns" as it is a single word.

The "Disciples of Shar" loading screen and the Map of Faerun correctly (albeit somewhat inaccurately) labels the entire mountain range "The Stormhorns" however the loading screen for the "Disciples of Shar" calls the location of the "Storm Horns Foothills".

The loading screen flavor text reads "The majestic Storm Horns Mountains form Cormyr's border here. The foothills are home to wild animals, fugitives from Cormyr's laws, and worse." - A more grammatically correct version of that flavor text should read "The majestic Mountains of the Stormhorns form Cormyr's Border here..." Going way back to English Comp in college (80's) this is something called a reduplicated plural or something like that.

Again dating myself with some older FR mythos. The mountain range to the north of Eveningstar is actually the "Eastern Stormhorns". IIRC it's within the Eastern Stormhorns that Elf-Dragon Nalavara creates the gate to Grodd (a demiplane of shadow) in which the Army of Grodd (Goblins) and the Ghazneth (demons) poured into Cormyr during the Goblin Wars.