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05-16-2013, 07:11 PM
Hey guys, I have a character I made maybe five years ago that is ranger 14/fighter 2. Things have changed a lot since I first made the character and I really didn't follow any plan. I would like to start playing again and was thinking about doing lesser or greater reincarnation to try to make this character something I could at least play up to epic. I know rangers (especially archers like mine) are generally considered to suck and mine is no exception but I was hoping somebody might have a straight ranger build I could respec to that would at least let me play with some fun up to level 20. If I am not making any sense remember I haven't played in quite a while.


05-17-2013, 07:26 AM
There are two prevailing thoughts concerning rangers.

One is that they should follow the Arcane Archer prestige path. This has a lot of support at the present time because of the most recent update and the emphasis on ranged combat.

The other is that they should follow the Tempest prestige path. This was the first prestige class introduced to DDO and at one time was extremely powerful. It still has a large number of proponents.

The difference is one of style -- are you looking to be a melee character or are you looking to be a ranged character.

Either can do both, but they excel in one over the other.

The current flavor for Arcane Archer involves at least 6 levels of monk and typically more. Since this is a rather heavy change to your current character I would probably advise against it at this time.

A respectable Tempest can be built with near max STR and CON. It is important to have at least 13 DEX in order to qualify for Dodge -- a required feat for Tempest.

Personally, unless your stats are really bad I would not reincarnate at all -- I'd just get the last levels to L20. The Tempest prestige really favors an 18/2 split anyway, so you are probably fine with what you have.

Most characters have a free lesser reincarnate open to them. You could use this to adjust your stats and to reselect feats if you feel it is necessary.

I'd run with 16 STR 14 DEX and the rest in CON to start. Then put all stat increases as you level into STR. Feat choices are Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Toughness and then whatever else strikes your fancy. Keep in mind that all of the TWF feats are auto granted as well as many of the shooting feats.

05-17-2013, 05:02 PM
Thanks for the advice Therigar,
First, yes my stats are bad-- I think I was adding everything to dex for a while. Somehow I had the idea that an archer would need that:) Right now I thought I would get back into the game with a different character. However, you mentioned a free lesser reincarnation and, since I know I have never used a reincarnation, could you remind me of what you are referring to. If I do use it, I will probably aim at the tempest style you recommended since I have pretty much killed my archer and I am not interested in turning the character into what I think everybody is calling a monkcher.
Thanks again.

05-17-2013, 06:15 PM
I am not interested in turning the character into what I think everybody is calling a monkcher.

Build your arcane archer as you wish. A Ranger-heavy AA is still as viable as it has ever been and a lot of people who refuse to play Monkcher are still very good at their roles. Also keep in mind that Monkcher may possibly be getting nerfed in some fashion due to how they are planning to handle Ten Thousand Stars.

05-17-2013, 11:07 PM
If you find Kruz in House Jorasco and talk to him you can select the lesser reincarnation option. When you do he will give you the chance to use a free lesser reincarnation.

This is offered once to every character -- or it used to be offered once to every character. This was done because changes to the game had such a powerful impact on existing builds that it was felt the only fair thing was to allow people the chance to make changes to their characters for free.

But, it is not unlimited. It is once only per character and once used cannot be used again for that character. So, reincarnate, true reincarnate, whatever and -- if you used your free reincarnation -- it is used up.

Should work for you -- especially if you've been gone from the game for a long time.