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05-15-2013, 05:57 PM
Hello World (of Ebberon)

I'm thinking this is sort of the new player hello forum. I'm planning on making this my official whiner thread, or 'help me' thread.

First question: how do i change my 'user name' Earth First to something else? Maybe it is Earthfirst, idk
it is not a big deal, but i don't really like it all that much; it was a reference to 'home guard' from babylon 5, i think
i think it is tied to my turbine account? at any rate, no big deal, but would be nice to be able to change my display name
jamvaru is fine; i think there is a security issue where they don't want you to have the same forum name as your login id, lol
i'm not worried; i've deleted all my toons several times now; TR is not for me, never will be (which makes playing this game sort of a curiosity... can't really get into it 100% like some other people; not even about the money, which is just a good reason to quit some vices, lol; is DDO better than smoking? or drinking? probably so)

at any rate....

I've decided to play it anyway, even though I will never 'TR'
I give all my characters 1 level of barbarian for the +10% movement and sprint ability, as well as the armor and weapons; i rarely use rage, but it is ok on boss battles
i try to give them each at least one level of a healing class, cleric or druid, generally; for WF i use wiz or sorc; 3 levels make for better healing, 4 for sorc
paladin and barbarian are incompatible, so ranger is used instead (for the sprint); druid also has +speed in wolf form (stacking); so that would be a 1-ranger/1-3-druid/15+paladin (oops, paladin and druid are also incompatible, so it would be 1-ranger/1-cleric/18-paladin, maybe, though, perhaps not... paladins are sol, lol)
a 1-barb/3-druid/16-whatever is basically my take on character creation (non-wf, non-paladin)
oh, rogue is important for traps, so you have to throw in rogue skills, so it becomes either a druid with rogue skills or a rogue with druid skills
so, the only really good character is the rogue, or the druid, depending on playstyle; i just don't like going slow; it is silly; like leveling is silly
at any rate, you can sort of do without the trap skills; and you can sort of do without the healing skills, but i don't care to do without the movement abilities... +10% is a lot when you are at the back of the pack, so to speak, or playing catchup, or even in battle; of course, in battle, and generally, you use exp retreat, or the other one, the ranger spell, if you don't have exp retreat; so this stacks with your 10% barbarian speed, and your +10% wolf speed, so you are moving at +45%, usually; then you hit your sprint for +35% for a total of +80% running speed

i just have no interest whatsoever in going slow; if i were 9 years old i might be really overwhelmed by this game; at 42 I am just trying to maintain an interest in it, having invested enough money to make putting it down seem like a waste
I have every pack except the non-eberron ones i think... there were a couple that weren't on sale last time, that is; and i am out of TP now; it would take a lot to convince me to buy more TP
ok, suggestions:

1. Alternative to TR; i see you have epic levels now; i want level 283479; you get the idea... i don't want to TR, ever... just give me more levels; i'll be happy to multiclass into a 4th and 5th class, and so on, till all the classes are maxed out
2. More class levels; i want to be a level 25 rogue, not a level 20 rogue 5 epic or whatever
3. Eliminate dungeon difficulty; make it scale to group level; "Oh, no; the kobolds are all gone, eaten by Trolls! Look OUT!"; or super-powered kobolds, whatever; my point? the desire to gain more subscribers makes being premium feel like sh*t; so we quit :) or just play whatever/whenever, sort of like a one-night stand; "I'll call you"

enough for now; i've decided to become more critical of games, not giving them a nod just because they are D&D (based) or have the name "marvel heroes" lol
eventually I will make my own; it is inevitable; but, for now i am still 'playing' and 'assimilating'
obviously, you have to make money at it to do this full time, so you need either subscribers or pay to win players, premiums; or both, as you have

my take: eliminate subscriptions... sell 'elite' keys on a daily, weekly, monthly basis; very simple solution; obviously this would be cheaper than the subscription price; i think everyone will be happy; give the subscribers content (packs or TP) based on their length of subscription or total months subscribed.
yes, a purely premium experience for everyone; that is what you need; and an alternative to TR... simply allowing more multiclassing and extended class levels; i want a 'King of all Classes'; that ... THAT would be WINNING (charlie sheen anyone? lol)

if you read all this, good for you, please leave a comment, tyvm

05-18-2013, 07:25 AM
goodbye, i'm done; dont' know if i will ever be back; maybe if you guys make some drastic changes, like eliminating TR, lol
fat chance of that; my solution? find a different game
i'll come back and goof around sometime, maybe

05-18-2013, 09:35 AM

Seriously though, you worry me a little. Hope you are okay.