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05-15-2013, 01:29 PM
Don't know if this is the right thread but lets give it a go.
I have played DDO for a while, quitting because of issues of my health, getting back etc.
I managed to start from scratch on ghallanda and made a pally in a short time, which I used to fund my other toon, an artificer. It started out as a sorc, and once I reached 20 I immidiatly TRed into an arti, which is now 21.
The point is, I did the lower level quest multiple times, save for amrath which I never touched for some reason. I plan on TRing this guy 1 more time for 3th life bonus, but! I want to get him to 25 first and get some gear and stuff.
My actual question is. What is the best path for leveling now? Some said to me that I should keep doing these heroic Elite first. Which I have done for some quests ( Dreaming Dark Chain). Now people say I should skip it. Just doing Epic Hard quest, and try eveningstar once I reach that.
What should I do? And if I need to do epic hards, which ones should do in what order?

05-15-2013, 05:56 PM
Since noone responded.
I'll give you some poor advice based on one time epic experience.
Hopefully someone will come and save you from my advice. ;)

Epic quests give xp in the ranges of 20-30k while the heoric version gives something like 2-5k, That might be the reason you were given the advice to bugger the heroics and start with epic quests.

Just by goofing around with a friend and trying epics on epic hard and epic normal I managed to hop about the epic destiny spheres. I made it to level 23 before TR-ing but might have gone higher as I wasted considerable, if the majority of, xp by capping and not leveling.
I had this weird reasoning that staying level 20 was better. It's not.

I'd say just jump in and play whatever the hell epic you want, some might complain there isn't enough xp and you have to do rusted blades until you catch tetanus in real life. But that's not how I experienced it.

I did farm a few quests to smeg for epic doodads. So if there are items you want to farm, then xp comes in without much problems.

Actually, you don't have to worry about level at all much except if you want to grind out epic destinies, but you said you wanted items. Most of your power comes from epic destinies.
If you have them.
If not... you'll notice epic normal is mercifully easier than old epic. I'm not sure how it goes without them, really.