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05-07-2013, 07:35 PM
Hey guys! Did you miss my endless questions? Probably not :) I had problems getting into the forums.

Well, my half-elf Cleric Dill 6 Ranger/2 Fighter/12 Monk (Dark) Arcane Archer finally hit 20. Woohoo!

And my feeling can best be described as "Is that it?"

I'm thinking I might just have bad ranged gear? I got the impression from other threads that my ranged damage would be really impressive once I got 10k stars and enough wisdom. I can get up to 36 WIS right now with ship buff, and it does "OK". Manyshot on the other hand does good damage, but is on a 2 minute cooldown. I do have Human Vers IV and Fighter Haste, so I can pop those for an increase I guess, but only 5 times between rests. I run in Mountain Stance for the + 1 crit multiplier and better defenses/hp.

I have a Bow of Sinew and a Silver Longbow, because of their increased crit ranges. Silver Longbow has a 1-8 acid gem now, and it seems to do more damage than Bow of Sinew, especially if I use a Blood Stone trinket to even things out. I assume I should be using + 5 slaying arrows? Do those work on "bosses" too? I think with Ram's Might I get + 8 damage from strength. I also have the level 14 Elite quiver of poison for 1-4 extra damage right now. I picked Shiradi as my ED because I've never tried it before, but I wasn't sure what to take within it. I assume "Get Frosty" and that line, and I assume I should also try to get "pin"? I miss the cool stuff from GMOF from my 20 Light Monk, frankly. But I do like Shadow Fade from Dark Monk, for what its worth. (BTW I tried to run across the lake in Vale with Dance and it doesn't seem to work. Is it bugged?)

What's weird is that because I have Grave Wrappings now, + Stunning Fist, and I assume Vorpal Strikes at 21, it seems I can just kill much faster and stay alive better by just running around punching and kicking everything. Is a Monkcher's archery only supposed to be for Orange and Red Names maybe? I can kill a boss quickly with Manyshot + Frosty + 25% damage, but that's frankly about the only time I pull out the bow now, and this just feels wrong with Shiradi as my ED. I feel like I'm paying this guy too much like my Light Monk, who is up to 6d6 or more per first + power attack + spiked gloves + 12% haste from Jorg's collar. My light monk decimates enemies quickly, whereas this Monkcher build just gets by on the trash but is faster on bosses.

Is there a better non-raid, non-crafted bow that I should be going for? I'm not interested in crafting, and the only raid I ever did was the very lowest one. But I do have all the expansions, if there is a quest reward somewhere that I can look for. What am I shooting for in Shiradi before I leave it and go to another one? Like I said, I feel awkward being built to be the best archer, but meleeing everything instead. I also feel like my 23 Arti does a lot more damage at range than this archer build does. For that matter, now that I think about it, my light monk's "Lily Petal" from GMOF does in one shot, with no save, the amount of damage at range that it takes 5+ shots from my archer's bow to do. What gives?

Thanks very much for reading all this, and for your valuable advice.

05-08-2013, 05:09 AM
refer to this thread :D it has videos showing the playstyle of monkchers :P


05-08-2013, 08:44 AM
refer to this thread :D it has videos showing the playstyle of monkchers :P


Thanks, I think :) I feel horribly inadequate now, since the numbers I am seeing are about 10% of what he is. Maybe I didn't make it clear that I'm still new and on a first life character, and I don't have access to that stuff in that thread. But I did get a couple ideas I had not thought of yet. Right now I just want to know what to do to increase my damage some more.

05-08-2013, 08:55 AM
it was actually the playstyle that I was trying to show you :) you can still be a monkcher without having to put the bow down in what he did in some of his videos :D and his epic destiny is Fury of the Wild as well which gives massive damage to your 10k stars and manyshot abilities ;)

05-08-2013, 10:50 AM
The requirement of a non-raid, non-crafted bow alternative really limits your options. You could buy the roadwatch or tortured livewood bow off the AH fairly easily, or a similar epic level bow with nice properties. I'm just not enough of a math guru to know if the increased base damage makes up for decreased crit range/crit damage. I'm thinking no, but I would have thought the bow of sinew would do better so I'm not a great source of wisdom.

What I will say is that you are comparing one of the best handwraps at that level to lower level options for bows, so the results are going to skew to melee, which does tend to be the case in ranged vs melee damage. The benefit of course is that for ranged damage you can avoid a lot of incoming damage, which is an intentional tradeoff. Also, you're at a pretty low level in Shiradi. As you level up in Shiradi or Fury of the Wild, you'll start to really see your ranged damage increase.

As to your other questions, yes Pin is great. Walk on water is bunk, can never really get it to work right.