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05-07-2013, 01:10 PM
***this is only about the damage on dark monks without stuns/TOD etc...***

i'm about to do my 4th and final life on my monk. all my builds have been str based and it does a ton of dmg as a str monk. i'm thinking about going wis for my final life to add in higher DC's for my tactics and stuff and my question for you wis based dark monks is what kind of numbers do you see against most mobs? (i know it can vary between what type of mob it is so let's go with the GH guys)

human build/dark/earth stance

i use fury (tunnel vis, gird & sense weakness). twists: dance of flowers, legendary tactic and dmg boost (dmg boost will be swapped out to haste boost or brace for impact - was a horc when i set my twists)

for wraps i run with air/air/water alchemicals, antipodes and graves - mainly graves and alchs

i was seeing 80's to over 120's on my first number on my horc build against most mobs (non stunned/held). if wis base gets me in the same neighborhood, i'm going that route and will go grandmaster earth and wind. i use the same build each life but swap for racial enhancements. love the dps from it and don't want to lose much from it so that will be my deciding factor

i'm not asking for a critique of my build, all i want to know is if my dmg will fall off badly if i switch to wis base so please refrain from throwing out opinions of why i run with the setup i run with as i fits to my play style which is what's important to me

05-07-2013, 02:23 PM
Yes, unless you pull from another stat such as Con.
How much wisdom are you going for exactly?

05-07-2013, 06:26 PM
Normally, the difference between a Wis based monk and a Str monk would be about 5-10 base damage at end level and a little less to hit and ki generation (about 10 str difference because you obviously aren't going to dump str on a wis based monk, plus the Gmof fire stance Ed), while you get about 5 more dc on stuns, Drifting lotus knockdown dc, Eins, monk abilities dc and a bit more saves and dodge on ocean stance (but many wis based monks use mountain or Wind stance too for Prr or double strike).

But keep in mind that if you use fury instead of Gmof, you aren't using two of the most powerful monk abilities (Everything is nothing and Drifting lotus, which are wisdom dc based), so in my opinion a Wis based monk is more suited for Gmof destiny, while still being good for Stunning fist tod, and QP when using other ED.