View Full Version : Bladeforged suggestions

05-07-2013, 10:37 AM
Since I cannot submit the survey, I will post my ideas here.

I love the idea of the iconic feature and the bladeforged. I even like the idea that they cannot TR. However, they should be equivelent to something as such, since TR is part of the difficulty bar.

Now, if a Iconic is not meant to TR, does this mean there will be an iconic only storyline/quests?

I liked that you weren't restricted to the build created (for levels), and that even if you forged your own path (made your own build), you could still get the gear gift.

I like the ability for bladeforged, so no drawback there (as long as it works).

Alright, down to the suggestions:
I think Iconics should have multiple forms. One for first life accounts, 2nd life, 3rd+ lives. When you go to make the iconic, and meet the requirements, you can select from up to 3 iconics.

As such, each one would have different stats because of their past lives. They should also have past life feats in the class for the iconic.

I think the gear is a little underwhelming. I like the built for that classness of it, but I think it should probably have augment slots to be more competitive with gear of the same level range.

Perhaps make the iconic ability (bladeforged) upgradeable through allowing Iconic reincarnation? Like an automatic past life feat? But you have to select Iconic reincarnation (same hearts), which limits you to picking the same iconic role.

Maybe make the Iconics have Abilities that boost their classes Pre's abilities (like +x boost to your DoS stance when it is active, requires DoS stance 1, 2, 3)?