View Full Version : How can I raise my Evocation ? Spell Focus & Greater Spell focus taken.

05-03-2013, 05:30 AM
I would like to raise my Evocation but besides using the 2 feats is there anything else I can do ?

05-03-2013, 05:54 AM
I would like to raise my Evocation but besides using the 2 feats is there anything else I can do ?

First of all your spell DC of all types including Evocation go up with your primary casting stat (Wis for Clr and FvS, Int for Wiz and Cha for Sorc). Thus your first plan is to raise that stat.

Items also have an effect which will help. See http://ddowiki.com/page/Spell_Focus

Guild ship buffs also offer a crew that will give +1 to evoc DC though this does not stack with items.

Past lives further offer bonusses. Each Sorc past life up to 3 give +1 to evocation DC. Also, the wizard active past live give +1 too all spell DC.

Once you get to lvl 20 you can start working on Epic Destinies. Some of those offer quite significant bonusses to evocation.
Past level 20 you can also take another feat called Epic Spell Focus: Evocation for another +1.

For more details see https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/387196-Max-Evoc-DC?highlight=

05-07-2013, 01:09 AM
I would like to raise my Evocation but besides using the 2 feats is there anything else I can do ?

I've been working on this for myself. The "best" solution is to increase your wisdom.

Make sure you started with an 18 wisdom. If you haven't and you still have access to a free Lesser Reincarnation, it may be useful to use.

Get a tome. +3 if you can, +4 or +5 is of course better.

You can get 3 points of Cleric wisdom from enhancements (at 6 ap that third point probably isn't "worth it", but it's there). If you're human or half elf, you can get a 4th point of wisdom (or a cheaper 3rd point).

Be in the Exalted Angel Destiny, and buy at least 5 points of Wisdom. The epic moments in EA are kind of meh for clerics (the light based one is nice but hard for clerics to trigger, and the healing based is bugged). So if you get past the idea that you want to put points above the third tier (Renewal) that frees up a lot of epic ap for Wisdom.

This is a little chart a guildie wrote up for me to help me figure out how to boost my divines wisdom:

18+5 lvl ups+2 enhancments+8+3+1 item 1 litany+6 destiny+4 tome = 48
+2 Yugo pots and +2 Ship buff = 52
With +5 Wisdom tome no need for litany

the +8+3+1 item part refers to having a +8 item, a +3 exceptional item and a +1 insightful item.
The 1 litany is for an item from the Abbot raid called "Litany of the Dead". It gives a +1 stacking bonus to all abilities.

Once you crank up your wisdom, you can get some evocation boosting equipment for the last few points, and consider whether you want to grind out caster past lives.

05-16-2013, 06:49 AM
Wisdom score:

18 base
+6 level-ups
+3 class enhancements
+8 Enhancement item
+5 tome
+2 Alchemical item
+3 Insightful item
+1 Exceptional item
+1 Litany of the Dead
+6 destiny
+1 Great Wisdom feat (could get x2 for +1 more, but would LOWER Evo DC)
+2 twist Acute Instincts & drink Rage pot (could twist +2 more, but would LOWER Evo DC)
56 standing unbuffed

+2 Ship buff
+2 Yugoloth potion
60 sustainably buffed (+25 bonus)

+1 racial enhancement (Human/Half-Elf)
+2 Ocean stance (Monk splash)
63 some builds

+2 Completionist
65 Completionist (+27 bonus)

Evo DC:

10 base
+9 spell level
+25 - +27 Wisdom bonus (see above)
+3 item
+1 Spell Focus feat
+1 Greater Spell Focus feat
+1 Epic Spell Focus feat (the reason you can't take Great Wisdom twice)
+3 Evocation Specialist twist from Magister (reason you can't twist +1 Wis)
+2 Precise Evocation twist from Draconic (reason you can't twist +1 Wis)
55 - 57 DC

Past life bonuses:
+3 Sorc passive past life x3
+1 Wiz purchased past life
59 - 61 DC

That's not even counting some temporary buffs like Abishai cookies, the Epic Bard song, store pots, etc..