View Full Version : Occult Slayer: Tier 5 Enhancements

05-02-2013, 09:07 AM
I'll be completely honest with you. DR breaking as a tier 5 ability is junk. I'd be hard-pressed to cut out either of the other barb trees' tier 5 abilities for it, I'm sure others feel the same. Even if it were 2 ap for metalline. Extremely poor ability for tier 5. I suggest putting 1 enhancement choice in tier 3, enabling one of the metals to be used.

The vampiric ability might draw people in if it were:
1ap: 1d1 on hit
+1ap: 1d2 on hit
+1ap: 1d3 on hit

But still very doubtful.

As a side note, you really have to reign in on the cooldowns and the "once per x (time limit)" stuff.

Would go more in depth but can't be bothered due to the auto-logout.