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04-18-2013, 05:46 PM
Druid- the new caster enhancement line is great.. but melee seem to be terrible.. all about sneak attack.. i don't think it is right to make the warrior of nature a sneaky rogue.. wolf form have nothing to do with sneaking around.. plus all the animal form ability are still spell that using wis as mod.. and cannot be heighten to make useful

Favored Soul- what are you guys thinking.. i was so sure that there gonna be a melee tree, but no.. they get same as cleric.. a defensive tree... great just what we need..

Rogue- seem to be ok..

Sorcerer- nothing much seem to been changed.. though i only seen earth and air.. where water and fire go?

Wizard- seem to be ok.. haven't test out the new summon yet.. hope its worth it

Artificer- the capstone for battle engineer tree suck... plus no further improvement to construct essence...

Cleric- one word, disapointed

Fighter- not really sure, as i don't play fighter..seem ok though

Ranger- not bad, if only everything work..

p.s. most of the stuff seem to be not working atm.. like poision imbue from elf or assassin tree.. they don't add any poision damage it seem.. so are the aa imbue.. also as for racial feat.. i just want to say.. most of them suck.. especially human and helf.. also elf need longbow as specialized weapon.. and ability to use dex to mod both to hit and damage for the specialized weapon.. just damage or to hit will not do any good.