View Full Version : Stalwart and some basic hopeful guidance

04-17-2013, 07:42 PM
I posted earlier that I hoped the Devs looked at the EDs like Fatesinger, Primal Avatar when they work on the class trees. I could find the link, but I'll summarize.

Fatesinger has a number of different "chains". Some of those chains are useful to a pure bard, others are quite handy on a non-bard. They may not be LD / Fury ... but they definitely work. Some build on abilities that Fatesinger grants (like Reign, Turn the Tide, etc.) and there are sets that enhance core bard abilities as well.

FIRST GUIDANCE: For all racial PREs, ask the question about how the race in question may use their PRE in ANY class.

Seriously, how will a dwarf cleric use stalwart? How will a dwarf paladin use stalwart?


Secondly, consider what the PRE is mean to do ... and how often that is useful ... and then what the PRE does in the other parts of the game where it is not.

Stalwart (on live) provides some decent boosts that are predictable and nearly always on. This is limited due to its non-stacking with plenty of other capabilities ... and they can generally be enhanced via shield use.

If Stalwart only really worked when you had a shield out, the player-trap is the desire to build a character that runs around with a shield and is useful ... when in fact maxing out that tree might make you really useful in a few raids and a gimp the rest of the time.

Whether or not it is a DEX rogue or ranger ... or a fighter with a shield ... players will come and build archetypical fantasy models. It sucks when they simply donot work.

SECOND GUIDANCE: Think about how players will build characters and ensure the various PRE interactions work for those. What do they do when their specialty is not needed? Pike?